Please don’t move to Canada if (when?) Trump wins

Think about the little people (like me) on Planet USA that can’t afford to make a big move like that and will be stuck with that tangerine with a toupee as a president.

4 reasons to stay —

  1. Moving to Canada, or any other country for that matter, will not allow you to escape him. You can thank world politics and globalization for that, or you can say #ThanksObama.

2. Think about who you’re leaving behind: people without the financial ability to leave, people without the health to leave, people without job security… There’s a million and one reasons why people aren’t able to move out of the country, it is a huge move after all. Anyone that has the ability to actually pack up their life in one country and move to another has a great deal of privilege. It’s likely that the people you’d be leaving behind don’t have that same privilege at all, and they’re the same people that are already the most marginalized by our political system. These are the folks who can’t make it to register to vote because the nearest place is miles away from their home and they don’t have the time or money for transportation. Or they can’t register to vote because it requires some sort of an ID, and they may not have the money to afford identification, or the nearest Department of Licensing is too far from them. The same folks who, for much of that same reason, don’t get to vote on important issues that have a deep effect on their lives. You’re leaving them to fend for themselves, with no way to use their voice to fight back because our political system is so flawed.

3. Because Democracy. Democracy is staying here to clean up the mess we’ve all contributed to. You may not think that you had any impact in helping Donald Trump become the Republican presidential candidate, but I promise that we all did. We all certainly helped elect those congresspeople that support Trump and likely won’t help impeach him for fear of losing power and prestige. Even if those congresspeople aren’t from your state, and you had no direct vote, we voted with our absent-mindedness about politics. We contributed to Trump’s rise in media coverage (because I guarantee you there are Trump supporters in your state) and media popularity by tuning in and not questioning the media’s disproportionate coverage of candidates with real policy positions.

I’m not kidding. As of March, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump had received a whopping $2 billion dollars worth of free media coverage, despite spending almost a third of the amount that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent on their ad campaigns.

4. You just might help save the world. And I’m not exaggerating. Donald Trump is literally a bigger threat to the world than Iran’s nuclear program and ISIS, because history shows us that the United States tends to set the tone for world politics, diplomacy, and foreign relations — I certainly don’t trust Trump to be the kind of leader that this position in the world requires.

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