The extra mile

Why to walk on a spiritual path?

I am not answering the above question, but am showing a conversation I had with one of my friends/mentors:

Me: Ma’am do you read spiritual books and watch spiritual videos?

She: No. Why?

Me: Your direction of thinking is superb, but I feel your understanding needs clarity.

Of course, I may be completely wrong, but this is what I feel.

She: I didn’t get you. Could you elaborate…

Me: Your way of looking at the world and how you think about things is very good. You know how a person should be. You are mostly happy and have some self established principles, based on which you live your life. Some of those principles are pre-defined, some you define as you encounter a particular situation. These principles kind of depict how you view your life. Our views define our understanding on what we perceive as right and wrong, or how should we respond to a particular situation. In your case, with the perception you have established for yourself, you can deal with almost all the situations you face in life. But if you want to understand more about this world, and want to have a very different view of things from how you see them now, you should have the thoughts which somewhat correspond to the things taught by various spiritual gurus. Your whole perception of life might change after that, if you are able to understand those things, that is. I cannot claim that I have understood most of it, or even little of it. I think we know that we understood it all after understanding it all, but till then we cannot even judge if we are close to it. If someone like you walks on that path, I feel great things can happen.

I am very curious about “why” and “how” of everything, and feel the need to build up the “what” by myself, which made me start walking on this path. Life as it is doesn’t make much sense to me, so I want to do something that makes sense, if there is something that makes sense, that is. When we see how something works we feel like we understand it. But there is so much more that the nature does to make that thing work the way it works, which mostly doesn’t come to our mind. I want to be able to see the big picture. The temporary emotions that people have makes me feel restless and give me a feeling that something is not in its place. I think this is what drives me to try to walk on a spiritual path.

I don’t know if you would want to do that, nor do I know how it would affect you, but I think that someone like you would be able to walk a long way.

And the number of lives you change after that might be huge…

Spiritual understanding can help us understand a lot of why’s. Which implies that our thought clarity is very good. That is what I meant when I said that your understanding needs clarity.

Today what people consider as the basis of deciding something is not a base, but actually something built up on things they saw and experienced. Their mind doesn’t question enough, which is what leads to conflicts, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. But when we have a good spiritual understanding, we can reach the base questions of everything and can answer them all, I believe.

This is simply what I think, you don’t have to agree with it, because even I don’t know what is right as of now…

She: That one was heavy.

Me: Yeah… Sometimes I find it difficult to stop myself…

She: I guess this could be your own first blog post. And I wish it to be.

So here I am, starting my blog with this post… :)