I Want to Delete My Money Blocks and BE A RICH WOMAN Immediately!

Can I?

We are always a WIP — Work in Progress. We will never be perfect, but we need to always be continuously improving to get things done.so we can get things done.

The goal of personal development is the absence of negativity and money blocks. Our biggest mistake is to attend and enroll in courses and hope that we will become better and that all our issues will disappear,

Having coached a lot of women, I realized that that is not a realistic goal. You do not need the complete absence of money blocks in order to be successful and in business. Work on your mindset all the time.

Dance with your blocks, recognize your blocks and gain awareness on your mindset. When you do this, you will lose your money blocks. It will help you lose your blind spots. Remember that the goal is not the absence of money blocks, or fear, or self-doubt or complete “clear”. You can still work on your money blocks. Your goal is to generate abundance in your life, deal with your sabotages and be aware of your mindset pitfalls that comes with being an entrepreneur. Being in business can really bring up your business, but the thing is, the things that scare you when you are in business won’t be the same things that will scare you the next day. There will still be money blocks, but they will come in different forms and different layers.

For me, life is like tissue paper; when you peel off one layer, there’s another layer and so on. One of my recurring money blocks is that you need to work hard to make money. Your primary money block will follow you like a shadow. It will always be at the top of your mind, hovering and creeping up at you.

For a long period, I was a solopreneur and was not delegating tasks. I thought hiring people would mean I need to spend more time on training. I thought that as long as I work hard, then I can justify what I am earning. Eventually, however, it burned me out. If you really want to go higher, then you would have to work harder — which cannot happen if you are alone. At one point, my coach, James Wee, taught me to delegate my work. Now, I delegate all my tasks so I can spend more time on creating new products or producing more.

Your money blocks will always be there, it will just shift forms. Learn to battle them and heal so you can move forward.

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