Advanced Recon Automation (Subdomains) case 1

Feb 25, 2019 · 3 min read

The advanced in simple Recon!

For bug hunter, pentester, OSINTer, hacker =))))

Why we not create the auto with reconnaissance in a complex world. If really use full/right, we will save many time!

Eg: Like CORS scan etc.

You can also get some nice vulnerabilities for which you have done nothing! WTF =)))

We have to automate everything we can, not to miss it. I give a simple idea like workflow below to sequence problems.

1. Go to subdomain gathering

- Tools using:

+ Massdns

+ Altdns

+ Subfinder

We will using custom wordlist subdomain, write script for task.

  • Bruceforce subdomain with massdns + wordlist subdomain
  • After, run subfinder to get subdomains from many internet sources.
  • after a moments, run altdns to get some change versions of the subdomains.
  • Final, we can recursion to get levels deep for task get subdomains.

One more:

- Using massdns resolve list of subdomain generate.

#!/usr/bin/env bashwhile getopts ":d:" opt; do
case $opt in
if [[ -z "${domain// }" ]];
echo "* Error fucking. Use -d"
echo "* Exit!"
exit 1
while read -r line
echo "$line.$2" >> $3
done < $1
  • Arguments:

+ Subdomain wordlist

+ Domain for generate subdomains

+ Output file

Subdomains wordlist:







Example shell:

bash subdomains-wordlist.txt $domain "wordlist.txt"

Resolve to online:

massdns -r resolvers.txt -q -t A -o S -w "result-online.txt" "wordlist.txt"

Filter subdomain output, eliminate miscellaneous things.

awk -F ". " '{print $1}' "result-online.txt" > "result-filtered.txt" && mv "wordlist-filtered.txt" "result-online.txt"

- Gather subdomains from many internet sources. Using Subfinder

subfinder -d $domain -nW -o "gather-online.txt" -rL resolvers.txt > /dev/null 2>&1

resolvers.txt is file with resolvers.

  • After finish gather internet, we will unify them.
cat result-online.txt gather-online.txt > subdomains.txtsort -u "subdomains.txt" -o "subdomains.txt"
  • Altdns change the subdomains with a list of given words.
  • Using technique, we can discover subdomains others wouldn’t have found.
./ -i "subdomains.txt"  -o "altdns-word.txt" -w words.txt
  • After have list of all existing subdomains genarate, we will recursion them. Eg:
  • You can repeat bruteforcing before and thinking.

Final, we can remember example:

+ There might be a wildcard for subdomains, so there may be many false positive cases => Can insert a code snippet to detect wildcards.

if [[ "$(dig @ A,CNAME {testxnxx123,testingforwildcard,xnxxxthinking}.$domain +short | wc -l)" -gt "1" ]]; then
echo "* Possible wildcard. You can checking"

+ Giving your own resolvers list to your tools, them can might increase the speed.
+ Clean your -online.txt files if output to big file.
+ Can using — verbose option for massdns

Good luck. To be continue!


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