Being abundant

We’ve been taught to believe that we need to compete about everything. That there is not enough for all. This kind of attitude makes us believe that we are not worthy unless we meet the standards others have set for us. This kind of thinking only creates more separation and more belief in lack. You don’t need to seek outside validation for your existence. You are worthy just by being you.

We are taught to pursue things the society values and needs. But when we follow our own heart, we’ll realize the true value of our own being. It’s in our unique set of gifts, and the core essence of who we really are. We don’t all need to be doing the same things, or pursuing the same careers. Hearts are different, and so are our callings.

When you’re truly acting and creating from your heart, it’s satisfying in its own right. It will attract all other things into your life so you can continue following your excitement. And if we all would do that, there wouldn’t be any lack, because just by acting on our passion, we are already abundant with whatever it is that fills our heart!