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Is it required to marry on Spiritual path? I am 27 and not interested in marriage any longer

Follow your heart, not the society!

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Simple answer — No, one doesn’t need to be married in Spiritual path. Spiritual path sets one free, then how can the path impose societal restrictions.

In Spiritual paths, norms established by society are usually broken. So if you think not marrying helps you to firmly be on the path, stick to the decision.

Further, not getting married is a beautiful way to live in the world today. It doesn’t mean you are running from responsibilities, it simply means you have decided that your responsibilities in this world will be different.

Also, times have changed and one can be in companionship without marriage.

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There are two ways Marriage can help from Spirituality perspective:

  1. One might suffer so much in marriage that there is no other option. To alleviate oneself from suffering, one has to turn towards a Spiritual path.

However, if one is already firmly on the path, this reason becomes null and void. One might still marry but there is no compulsion from spiritual perspective.

2. One might be on Spiritual path and find someone who is firmly on the same path.

Now, this is a Spiritual union and partners can support each other on the journey.

Here, marriage might be beneficial. Again, this companion-hood can exist without marriage as well, without getting tied up in societal mess!!

Society will always try to create fear in you. Today they ask you to marry, tomorrow they will ask you to have children and then, they will ask you to marry children and so on.

See, it is a never ending cycle!! People are conditioned right from the birth to follow this cycle and hence, you will see many answers supporting this structure.

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You go ahead and take a balanced approach — take Heart and mind both in consideration while making a decision.

If there is a disconnect, follow the Heart!!

And yes, own your decision. Never make excuses in future that you took decision in some pressure or on someone’s advice etc.

Even if you take a decision in some psychological pressure, the decision still is yours and yours only.

Last but not the least, if you do decide to marry, I would emphasize to follow Point 2 mentioned above.

Find a partner already on the path or at least someone who commits to walk on the path whole-heartedly with you.



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