Shift From The Chaos To Peace

Dive into one mindfulness experiment

Ruchi Thalwal
Dec 4, 2020 · 5 min read
Image by Sabine Zierer from Pixabay

While you proceed in your life
The chains of dissatisfaction
mar the experience

Remember, when you were small
how life was joyful and simple
Everyday living was a blessing
Flying in the imagination
But still, present then and there

What happened to the time
Where did it glide
When did it catch upon you
When did it wear you down

Do you remember
when playing day and night
was refreshing?

Do you remember
the rich and vivid school times?

Innocent and playful
No need for extravagances
Even rolling on the sand was gratifying

Do we still need luxuries
after which we are running incessantly

The day and night stress of work
The art of losing precious today
in worrying
where 24 hours seem less

The commercial world is ruling the world
Exploiting the most population
That a cream or car or even a perfume
will make you irresistible

Earn and earn more
so you have the buying capacity
To be relevant in this ever-changing world
Luxury has somewhat transformed into a necessity

A dine-in a fine restaurant
Then how can you not wear an appropriate dress
What about the makeup and high heels
And of course, the car has to be posh
Even if rented, it has to exude a sense of self-extension

Oh Yes! A holiday is necessary
How about the resort near an exotic beach
Shopping for branded items is a must
Sunglasses, swimwear, tote bags, and what not

Such is the obligation of the show-off
Of the latest mobile, car, or apparel
everywhere you go, it has to be there
Otherwise, a part of you seems missing
Like a skeleton without any mass and skin

A simple getaway with a partner
becomes a headache sans these items
How much we have enslaved ourselves
to those commercial gimmicks

How about a platter full of food, a cozy room
Some warm clothes on a healthy body
Days full of innocence and laughter
Making little mischiefs with the loved ones
Screaming and giggling with an open heart

No judgments of past or anxiety of future
When working, work with full concentration
Off work, live every second thoroughly
Who knows when would the last day
emerge out of the blue,
Making you adieu
all plans of living sometime later

Plan for tomorrow that is necessary too
But don’t forget to live and laugh in this Now,
This beautiful atmosphere
where the body is breathing
is already heaven in itself

Money is essential for living
Earning is a necessity
But is it necessary to flaunt
what a bunch of people decided
When did luxury become a necessity

Pulling leg to drown the other in the market
To be relevant and be ruthless
Despite the money, food, clothing, and shelter
what we also need is peace of mind

It is okay not to have all
It is okay to be contented with what you have
Give yourself a little more time to relax and rejuvenate
keeping you grounded yet in high states of happiness

The pure joy which you search outside
Can not be paid with the money
But at the cost of your created personality
Dive within to connect with your real self

Lose the character which you are busy building,
Unwrap the sheets to uncover the child within
And joy awaits you even in the nonsensical environment
Evident chaos lurching all around disappears
If you shut your critical mind’s judgment
Open your heart to the beauty of each day’s fulfillment

Let us do a brief experiment,
Right now and here
No need for a perfect setting
Be wheresoever you are
Be it sitting, lying, or even stand would do

Start with the toes and legs-
Wiggle your toes and feel the sock, shoe, or floor
Just wiggle and be fully in that toe movement
Now tense your legs and feel the muscles
Relax and tense; count doesn’t matter

Move your attention to the hands and arms
Rotate them in circles
Then suddenly stop
Look at the stillness and peace
Then again, start picking up the pace
Halt abruptly without taking orders from the mind
Be aware of the tingling sensation
running through them

Rotate your neck- clock and anticlockwise
Slowly in circles
and stop in the middle

Now look as far as you can
Notice the colors, the shapes, or any movement
Intently see what attracts your attention
Observe everything that you can

Close your eyes and listen to the voices
Birds chirping, a dog barking,
Horns blaring or the airplane flying
Listen closely and don’t miss any sound

Now leave the listening
and focus on the skin
Feel any breeze brushing through
If in a room, feel the rhythm of the breath
Feel the stomach moving up and down
For a few more minutes, be with your vital energy
This vitality fills your body with the life force

Be thankful to your loving body
Be grateful for its miraculous works
Through this, you walk, talk, eat, enjoy and laugh
Now open your eyes and enjoy the Present!

Just remember whenever in chaos
Shift inside and breathe deeply
Rotate the limbs,
Move the neck
See, hear, feel, and thanks!

“Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

This is one simple and effective technique to practice mindfulness. I’d love to hear your feedback on this. You can do it anywhere.

It can remarkably change your inner environment to peace. It can center you in your blissful being, irrespective of the outside situations.

If anyone is interested, then I’d love you to try a prompt on “Experiment.” You can describe anything about what you experimented with or what you want others to experiment with.

If my friends are open to the idea, then I’d love to tag my fellow superb writer friends to try their words on this prompt. I really love to read your fabulous words: Melissa Bee, Darshak Rana, Amy Marley Anthi Psomiadou, Connie Song, Carolyn Riker, America Zed, Priyanka Srivastava David Rudder Imad Simran Kankas Uday_neutron Somsubhra Banerjee Charlotte Zobeir Ali Amy Jasek Rochelle Silva Pretheesh Presannan William J Spirdione Lanu Pitan Manasi Diwakar Sneha Mankar Patrick M. Ohana Franco Amati Rita Duponty James G Brennan Jesús Salazar Bernadette DeCarlo Bridget Webber Susannah MacKinnie Francine Fallara Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her) Dennett Cocoa Griot

I’d love to highlight the fabulous piece on thankfulness and extending a helping hand by my loving friend, Melissa Bee. Thank you for inspiring us all.

Here is a hilarious poem on physics by lively Dennett. Do give it a read for a heavy dose of heartfelt laughter.


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Ruchi Thalwal

Written by

A spiritual friend. Deep spiritual words and love flow through me that help the authentic seekers speed their journey.



Building a community of Soul-friends where Hate gives way to Love, Anger gives way to Peace, Misery gives way to Joy & Wounds give way to Healing.

Ruchi Thalwal

Written by

A spiritual friend. Deep spiritual words and love flow through me that help the authentic seekers speed their journey.



Building a community of Soul-friends where Hate gives way to Love, Anger gives way to Peace, Misery gives way to Joy & Wounds give way to Healing.

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