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Humanizing Leadership in a world of robots.

Join our work session at the House of Beautiful Business to discuss what it means to become a human leader in a hyper-technological society.

For the last 50 years, robots have been taking our jobs. So why are we only now becoming so worried and uncertain of the possible future scenarios?

In 1965, philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus boldly stated that a machine would never beat a human at the game of chess. Only to find himself checkmated by an MIT-developed computer two years later.

Today, with rapid emerging technologies of the recent years, our society has made incredible progress in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D printing. It is now news, that we’re faced nearly every day with new remarkable feats achieved by robots, and with them an unanswered question: Will robots be taking over our jobs for good? And make no mistake, this applies not only to industries such as manufacturing and transportation, but also to the field of finance, information technology, nursing and psychology. Some estimates claim 80 per cent of jobs run the risk of being automated in the coming decades. Now put that into relation with the expected population by 2050: 9.8 billion people with over 6 billion of working age.

There’s no doubt that we need to prepare for different forms of future scenarios and take in possible solutions, such as the universal basic income.

Ultimately, it will be up to us — particularly politicians and business leaders — to define whether the robotic workforce will work for us, with us, or against us. So let us start a conversation and have the courage to confront ourselves even with unpleasant, yet crucial questions.

On Tuesday, November 7 at 3.30 PM Julia von Winterfeldt, Founder and CEO of SOULWORX will be hosting a 90-minute work session on the topic of ‘Humanizing Leadership’ with special guest, Limor Schweitzer, CEO of RoboSavvy.

Julia is passionate about the human aspect of leadership and believes leaders need to have a strong sense of personal purpose, to generate exceptional performance and impact in business. Limor is fascinated by robots and holds the vision of creating humanoid robots as part of the real world. The two perspectives will make for an exceptional session, with participants exploring answers to questions such as: ‘Will we see the rise of robot CEOs?’ or ‘Do human leaders need to invest more in human capital and focus on which roles and responsibilities we humans must retain in the age of robots?’ After having set the stage on an inspirational and educational level, the session will have everyone leap into the future, to the year of 2030, to be exact, to discover what it is we we need to do as leaders and what are our priorities will be to maximise the new technological order in 2030.

Dive deep, discuss, reinvent and create for yourself and in exchange with other leaders, how we need to reimagine our future to maximise the new technological order. The challenge is on. Are you in?

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Join SOULWORX’ work session at the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon, November 7th 2017, 3.30 PM — 5 PM. The House will bring together executives from Fortune 500 and SMEs, start-up founders, nonprofit leaders, investors, writers, philosophers, scientists, designers, technologists, artists, and others to discuss and prototype how to lead with purpose and passion; how to build human companies and workplaces; and how to design for deeper connections in an age of exponential change and massive societal disruption. You can find more information and register at: