Nicholas — Bonus Beats Vol. 1

Another stonking release from the ever illusive Nicholas. Dipping in and out of the deeper side of the court, producing tight house and the best disco — Nicholas’s abilities should not be underestimated. On this latest release from Home Taping Is Killing Music, Nicholas has delivered four sure-shot disco based groovers, with a favourite attached below.

When you start with a Minnie Riperton sampled based track you know we’re in for a treat. The record only gets hotter and has the floor groovin’ at Atmo with some special disco dust from Paul Cut. On the flip the party continues with Together Beats and Something To Believe.

It is rare that this happens, but here we have four solid and strong tracks to be heard at loft parties and those exclusive gigs in the parts of town that nobody even suspects. As the sun rises and cultures cross, Nicholas will be echoing through business parks and industrial estates in the early hours. In cities and towns where people congregate; the outskirts are the playground, fifteen minutes in the taxi and two slip roads later you’re safely away from the mess of McDonalds and the high street. The slightly decrepit cotton mill will do for us — it’s filthy raw and has a great sound system. A portaloo and friends are all we need, for one night will be turned into paradise. As the party is winding up and the suits arrive, us groovers will be heading back home to slowly wind down and let the lessons we’ve learnt resonant through our journeys — until next time anyway.

It is music like this from Nicholas that keeps this secret culture of grooving alive — so for that mate, thank you.

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