Jun 3 · 4 min read

Hello! This is Soundshiva.
I have some important news for you.

  1. Soundshiva is in a state of redesign right now and in the next few months will be updated to the new version 2.0.
  2. Soundshiva needs your support

And now much detail

1. Redesign

Nine years have passed since the launch of Soundshiva in 2010! During this time, the service added 326 netlabels, which posted 5359 releases — Yes, not very much, but I’m proud of this result.

In recent years, Soundshiva has not changed, and only got worse: accumulated bugs, audio player and subscription to labels/genres stopped working, in the comments appeared spam. I could not accept letters from the site either, so I could miss useful letters. I’m sorry about that. But despite all these problems you continued and continue to post your releases here — thank you for that!

I always had a lot of ideas how to improve Soundshiva and make it more useful. But I could never find the time and resources to do it — I had no motivation to do it.

Since 2010, netaudio scene in my experience has not really changed. Maybe I just fell out of it and stopped watching, but there were no new projects, all the old ones like Soundshiva are in the past. Sonicsquirrel added only 24 releases this year, doesnt feel good with 31 netlabels in database, is dead. You know how difficult it is to maintain something that does not bring any return, because if you do not have enough resources (finances, time, knowledge), sooner or later you will lose motivation, interest and give up. I also had a netlabel, and after four releases i stopped doing it. This is natural selection — only the most persistent and enthusiastic will stay. But, it was worth of trying and getting this experience!

A few months ago, I decided that I would finally do a redesign for Soundshiva. I found motivation in myself, and every day after work I devote time to the project and gradually move towards my goal. In a few months you will be able to post releases on the updated website.

In the new version of Soundshiva I decided to focus on the simplicity and quality of the information, sacrificing part of the functionality, the development of which would take a lot of resources.

After upgrading Soundshiva will lose most of the uncalled features:

  2. Subscriptions to labels and genres

There will be no Audio Player either, but I planning to restore it in future.

Only managers of netlabels will be able to register on the service. All information on labels and releases will be in free access, so the usual visitors of the site no need to register.

There will be improvements, which I will talk about in detail with screenshots on the Patreon page, where you can support me.

I do not know what awaits Soundshiva in the future, because we have Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp (i love all this services!) — you no longer need to download music, you can just listen to it from the cloud on any device. But I believe that I do not do it in vain, if only because I like it.

2. Support

For 9 years, the Soundshiva engine is outdated and its modules are no longer supported. The main problem I have to face is the transfer of information from the old version to the new one. Automatic migration will not work, and I will not trust the transfer of data to freelance strangers. I decided to move everything with my own hands — because there are not so many materials: only 326 labels and 5000+ releases ;-)

I have already started to add labels with releases and will soon send access to Soundshiva 2.0. If you want to be one of the first labels to get access to the new version and help me with filling up the catalogue — support me on Patreon. Whether you support me or not, I will add every netlabel and every release, you just have to wait a bit. Also you can support me with reposting or publishing this letter or post from Medium in thematic communities, pages, groups, forums, etc.

I don’t want any ads from Google or other platforms to appear on Soundshiva, so all I can do is ask you to support Soundshiva in any way that is convenient for you: Paypal, Flattr or Patreon (with additional benefits). Later you will be able to support Soundshiva by buying the merch.

That’s all.
Thank you for reading my letter and being with Soundshiva all this time. Cya.
With best, Nikita from Soundshiva.


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