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Soundshiva 2.0 entered the stage of open beta testing. In this article I’ve compiled a complete list of all changes and improvements.


Simple and clean

The new Soundshiva’s UI focuses on the simplicity and quality of information.


The maximum width of the site was increased to 1440px — this allowed to slightly increase the size of the text, covers and logos.


Soundshiva now looks great not only on desktops, but also smartphones and tablets.


Music genres was reworked.

Soundshiva remained all popular genres, but some have been removed or changed. For example, “Bass” was replaced by “Bass Music” and “Roots” by “Roots Reggae”. Atmospheric, Deep, Space and some other abstract genres was removed.

When adding genres, I relied on Wikipedia articles and third-party music services. The list of genres can be expanded in future.

Release types

Release type is a new parameter that allows you to specify the type of release:

  • Single
  • EP
  • Album
  • Compilation

We can expand this list in future.

Covers and logotypes

The images are slightly larger and now opens in the same window rather than in a separate tab — stay focused on current page.

Netlabel location

The location is now predefined list of countries. The current list of countries is based on previously added netlabels. The list of countries will be expanded in future.


Now supports Creative Commons Licenses 4.0

License details

Click on the license images on release pages now opens a window with its brief description — this will allow visitors to understand how CC licenses works.

From the window you can go to the detailed description of the license.

License icons

License icons have been updated special for Soundshiva — no one else has such cool icons with gradient background ;-)

Download links

The block with download links has been changed. Instead of a direct link to the file and specify the format, now you need to paste the address of the page where your release stored:

  • Bandcamp (for free/pwyw releases only)
  • Sonicsquirell

This change has added more flexibility to the release pages — the visitor goes to the hosting site and chooses the preferred format for download. Depending on the hosting you choose, a special button will be displayed on the release page.

You can select up to two different services for a single release. Links to other services and netlabel sites are not supported. Perhaps in the future will be added

I apologize to the labels whose releases are available on their own websites. The main idea of the new solution is to provide visitors of Soundshiva links that will live forever or as long as possible. These labels seem reliable: phonocake, Zenapolæ, 51beats, Motorlab Records, pan y rosas discos, CYAN, Kahvi Collective and a few others, but these are rather exceptions.


Small changes in link paths to add more personality


old format: “”
new format: “”

Dont forget to update link to your soundshiva page.


old format: “”
new format: “



Added filter by genre.


Added filters by: release type, genre, license.

Other small improvements

  • New sorting on Netlabels section
  • AddThis widget redesigned to fit new clean design

What’s next

List of some ideas

  • Add HTTPS protocol for more safety
  • Audio Player (Archive/Bandcamp)
  • “Active/Inactive” flag to mark active/dead netlabels
  • Bring some stats

Thank you for reading this, i hope you will enjoy your experience with new Soundshiva. With best, Nikita.


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