5 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Work for Soundwave

Soundwave is a music tech startup based in Dublin and we’re looking to hire some new software engineers! Joining our team has the perks of using the latest cutting edge technology, access to the best tools available and also gives you the opportunity to work in a fast paced Agile development environment. (Check out details of how to apply here!)

Leanne Fitzgerald
Jul 15, 2015 · 4 min read

As Community Manager for the company, I thought I would highlight some of the other “non-techy” benefits of working for Soundwave which you may not have considered:

1. Environment of Innovation

“If you could choose, who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?” My answer is the Soundwave team.

I would almost guarantee that by the end of day 1, we would sail to safety on a makeshift boat magnificently powered by some sort of hydraulic engine and complete with built-in GPS tracking and a webcam to vlog the entire experience. How’s that for an episode of Lost?

Perhaps that is an over-exaggeration of our skill but the sentiment is the same..

Soundwave doesn’t ask the question of how they are going to do something. They ask WHAT they are going to achieve and then figure it out using whatever tools are available.The result is always some seriously innovative tech — Check out the Soundwave App for one!

The Soundwave Music Discovery app available for FREE on iOS and Android

2. Amazing Company Culture

One of the best things about working at Soundwave is the company culture.

We have a large open-plan office with smart paint on the walls so folks can freely brainstorm ideas as they come. With spaces like our Mario-themed treehouse, the colorful mural and the on-going Foosball league, the Soundwave office is really a creative space for the whole team to enjoy!

The team themselves are accomplished at a variety of skills outside of work. From sailing to fencing to opera singing, bringing something unique to the group is really valuable.

In a company that is constantly changing and evolving — diversity is key! This is what makes Soundwave such a rich and dynamic team!

And there’s nearly always cake. Check out our Instagram and count how many cakes you see! Soundwave just loves an occasion…

3. Journey Outside Your Comfort Zone

There is a running joke in the office that I will suddenly just become an iOS developer.

This is because after starting out as an intern almost a year ago, I have journeyed out of and miles away from my comfort zone! Now I’m an event coordinator, marketing executive, “web developer” and A/B testing expert. (I’m also the girl who buys the aforementioned cake!)

Personal development within the job is true across the board at Soundwave and getting the opportunity to explore new skills is encouraged and celebrated!

Check out the Soundwave Stories publication on Medium for posts from our team

Recently, the entire team has stepped out of their comfort zone of building tech products to proudly publish expert industry posts on Medium to huge response! See some of them here!

4. Have Your Ideas Heard

Another thing which was immediately obvious when I started working at Soundwave was the open dialogue between everyone. Using Slack, the team are able to continuously check in with each other, communicate what they are individually working on and update the rest of the team on the progress of certain projects.

As well as this, there are weekly demos and “town-halls” where the entire team are invited to openly give their opinions and thoughts on everything from company goals to where we should go for lunch! I’m not saying that every idea you contribute becomes a reality, but the opportunity to have your say is always there!

5. Why Wouldn’t You Want to Work for Soundwave?

If joining an innovative and talented team made up of diverse and fun people, while also having the opportunity to personally develop and hone new skills which will then contribute directly to the company vision isn’t enough reason to work for Soundwave, then I don’t know what else is?!

We’re looking for some new and talented software engineers to join in on the fun at Soundwave HQ. Click here for more info on the role and how you can apply!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short insight into life at Soundwave HQ. Feel free to politely stalk us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Please don’t forget to recommend and share this article.

Leanne Fitzgerald
Community and Digital Coordinator at

Soundwave Stories

Soundwave is a mobile music-discovery startup founded in 2012. Soundwave tracks what songs people are listening to on their smartphones and where in real time. Download free on iPhone: iphone.soundwave.com and Android: android.soundwave.com

Leanne Fitzgerald

Written by

Community and Digital Coordinator at Soundwave! Email hello@soundwave.com to get in touch. ☺

Soundwave Stories

Soundwave is a mobile music-discovery startup founded in 2012. Soundwave tracks what songs people are listening to on their smartphones and where in real time. Download free on iPhone: iphone.soundwave.com and Android: android.soundwave.com

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