Childhood Memories with Albondigas (Meatball Soup)!

Albondiagas Soup from Google Creative Commons

Growing up my mom always made homemade food and she never let us go hungry. One of my favorite soups growing up and even still is Albondigas. Some people call it Meat Ball Soup. I love this soup because it is kind of the Mexican version of American spaghetti or meatball pizza. Even though I only know the Mexican version of this soup there are many different varieties. Different variations of meatball recipes have been made as far back as the Qin dynasty from 221 BC to 207 BC.

Albondigas, that I grew up eating. It has a light broth, vegetables, and the meatballs are made out of ground beef rolled up with rice. So how is it that throughout history people have come up with so many different types of recipes for just one food name. I think one of the reasons that it has been made in different variations is because each country has their own type of cuisine and they also have different ways of cooking.

Spaghetti taken from Google Creative Commons

Looking back on my childhood and all the different types of food that my mother used to make the Albondigas and Spaghetti. I think one of the reasons is because everyone loves meatballs and any home cooked meal always beats any restaurant.

The biggest thing for me that really makes me love this soup is the connection and memory it has to my Great Grandmother Esperanza or as I called her Nana. She passed away almost two years ago at the old age of 99 years old. There are a few things that help me remember her and this is one of them. The other thing that reminds me of her is when I am Crocheting she taught my mom and my mom taught me.

This is me with my cousin Natalie she is wrapped up in a blanket I crocheted for her. Photo taken by Angel Fox.

To be completely honest with you some of the best memories of my childhood has food in it and family. So, for me everything that someone in my family made at get together it was always a good time and it will forever be with me. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great family and amazing memories from growing up. I hope that everyone has great memories of family and the amazing food that goes with each memory.

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