East Coast Vs. West Coast

Story By Renard Roberts

Photo By Ryan Bouknight

No I am not referring to who has the best emcees. No I am no referring where is the best place to live. I am referring to which coast has the best clam chowder. I am a little biased in my preference as I have not had New England clam chowder, but that will change when I move to New York for the summer. I have been to San Francisco, and before I was even blessed to put a spoonful of the fantastic dish in my mouth, just walking the pier along the Pacific Ocean was a sight. My most recent trip to the bay area was a family vacation.

Photo By John Sullivan

I developed my craving for clam chowder from my father who always orders the soup anytime a restaurant has it on the menu. All the markets and restaurants with huge varieties of seafood was interesting. It is something about the air along the shoreline and the mood set by the gloomy climate of the bay. Once inside one of the many seafood restaurants, we sat down right next to a window with a view of the pier and the night sky. We ordered the clam chowder and let me tell you it fulfilled the expectations that I had. I was angry that I ordered the small cup, instead of the larger bowl. Just the few bites of the bay area clam chowder, made the vacation all worth it. Sometimes it is the smallest things that we get excited for that can cheer us up. I look forward for my chance to try clam chowder from the east coast area. Then we will see who wins the battle between best clam chowder in the country.

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