I Love Soup

I love soup. Its warming, comforting, and from a nutritional aspect, typically fairly healthy. Soup is easy to digest and can be filled with a plethora of ingredients. There is no limit or rules about what you can and cannot put into your soup.

Personally, my favorite soup is tomato soup. Nothing is quiet as amazing as a warm cup of fresh tomato soup with a grilled cheese on the side. There are so many wonderful childhood memories that feature that cozy food pairing and just the thought of tomato soup brings a huge smile to my face.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that I am allergic to dairy in recent years, and cream is almost always a main ingredient in tomato soup. But this allergy has become a blessing in disguise. It has led my on a journey of soup self-discovery! Since finding out about my allergy I have had to learn how to prepare soups to meet my dietary requirements and still taste as good as the real thing.

I have found that coconut cream is an excellent substitute for dairy cream in most soup recipes. The flavor of coconut cream is typically more mild than one would probably expect and it deliveries that creamy texture, which is what were truly trying to accomplish.

Using coconut cream has added benefits as well. Coconut products contain a strong serving of healthy fats, or “good” fats that ensure you feel full and satisfied after a meal. Having a diet with enough of these good fats is also essential in maintaining smooth skin, hair, and nails, and a lubricated digestive system that can function efficiently. Fats also help to stabilize your blood sugar, which allows all the different hormones in your body to operate proficiently, and will in turn help you maintain a strong energy level throughout the day.

Now even though tomato soup is my all time favorite, my most favorite soup that I have ever made was a sausage and potato soup. It was creamy, flavorful, and very filling. Below I will detail the recipes for anyone interested in trying it out.

Dairy-Free Sausage & Potato Soup

· To begin, I first roasted some baby red potatoes in the oven with coconut oil, salt, and pepper.

· While that baked I started on the rest of the base of the stovetop.

· I started my cooked the sausage in my pot with coconut oil.

· Once the meat was all cooked, I removed the sausage from the pot and placed it in another bowl.

· Then I began simmering onions, coconut cream, coconut oil, and garlic powder in the same pot I had cooked the meat in.

· Once the pot had enough time for all the flavors to mesh together, and the onions were well caramelized, I added a splash of white wine and let it cook a bit longer.

· Once everything was done, I blended the potatoes with the onions and coconut cream and placed the blended ingredient back into the pot.

· I then added the sausage to the pot and let it all simmer together for a few more minutes.

· Then viola! It’s done and ready to serve.

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