Soup? No Thanks

Mac n’ Cheese (By Tyler Drake)

In my almost 25 years of life, I have not once enjoyed a bowl of soup. While everyone around me loves to get a cup of soup on a cold day, I find no excitement in the idea. I think the closest thing to soup I eat is Macaroni and Cheese. If Mac n’ Cheese was classified as a soup, then I’d probably be labeled a soup connoisseur. I grew up on the stuff as a kid and weirdly enough I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. It can be gourmet at some fancy restaurant or the classic blue Kraft box. If it has the basic foundations of macaroni and cheese I’ll probably eat it.

I will be honest though, it is a bit odd that I don’t like soup. My family makes it more then they buy it and the smells are amazing, but I can never bring myself to eat it. My aunt is always asking me why I won’t even try her soup and my answer is always the same, “no thanks.” I have never been a fan and it’s not my family’s fault, even though they act like it when I don’t accept a bowl sometimes. I remember one year my mom was making soup for our family’s Christmas dinner while we were visiting from California. She had spent quite some time with the shopping, prepping and carefully following instructions. When she finally finished the best soup she had ever made, according to her, she needed someone to taste it. Well everyone else wasn’t there yet and I was sitting at the kitchen counter. Now before I tell you this let me tell you that I do not say no to my mother EXCEPT if it has to do with soup or any other foods I could do without. She comes right up to me and begs me to try the soup and that she promises it would be the last time she asked. I looked up and politely said “no way.” She then starts going down a list of things I have to do when we get home and bribing me saying that she would do all my chores if I tasted a spoonful of soup! But, being me, I again refused and mentioned my inexperience with soup and that I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was good or not. This got my mom really going and she was about to let me have it until my uncle walked in from shopping. His nose led him to the soup and he quickly found a spoon and tried it out. He made a “mmm” sound and walked out to my relief until he said “a little too much salt” walking down the hallway.

By Aaron Campbell
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