Do you know someone who can help the Africa Prize innovators ?

The Africa Prize alumni are coming to London in September — and it’s a small time window to help some of the most promising tech out of the continent.

If you know anyone who can help, mentor or just join us for dinner, especially in the categories below, please email They also qualify for a free ticket for Source Summit on September 12th.

  • a founder who’s scaled a tech business quickly (good role models)
  • industrial manufacturing
  • importers of insect protein
  • industrial sales (mines)
  • energy companies/suppliers
  • energy thought leaders
  • scaled enterprise software
  • personal productivity
  • agritech angel investors
  • powerline carrier experts
  • sanitation experts
  • WASH financial support
  • London landscape guide
  • Game making companies (2d, mobile, for both kids and adults)
  • import/export between African countries
  • African Health ministries (national, regional or county)
  • West African hospitals & doctors
  • Increasing adoption of local entrepreneurs
  • NGOs and individuals or organizations that are supporting volunteers
  • finding talent
  • SME software cusomer support
  • African diaspora
  • multinational FMCG brands (looking at Nigeria)
  • getting a head start on product while doing field tests
  • big sanitation contracts
  • worldwide intros to medium-scale farmers (for marketing)


  • grants for education
  • WASH grants
  • health grants and loans

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