It’s a wrap! source{d}’s participation in Hacktoberfest

As an Open Core company with everything — from our code, culture, and guides to our OKRs — openly accessible on GitHub, Hacktoberfest is a very exciting to us. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with the broader Open Source community and help new contributors submit their first pull requests on GitHub.

Contributions to source{d} projects not only helped participants qualify for the official Hacktoberfest t-shirt prize but also for a limited edition source{d} t-shirt for those who got at least 3 pull requests merged in any of our repositories.

Now that Hacktoberfest is officially over, we’ve tallied up the results to see if anyone got our awesome t-shirt!

We’re happy to share that over the past 30 days we’ve seen 112 pull requests opened and 50 merged across all of our repos. These PRs were submitted by approximately 45 unique contributors out of which 13 people won one of our brand new t-shirts!

During this last 30 days we learned that our repositories had lots of typos and that contributors care a lot about licences :) We also received a couple more significant contributions fixing non trivial issues. Here is the top 3 contributors we’d like to give a special shout out to!

The first one is BakeRolls for the following contributions:

Second one is hairyhenderson for the following contributions:

Last but not least, tmott13 submitted a pull request so that visitors in the Open Source section of the source{d} website can click on each project card, not just on the GitHub icon.

This last one is special to us because of the following comment.

Beyond the useful and not so useful contributions we received, this comment really is why we decided to participate to Hacktoberfest in the first place: helping first time contributors to submit their first PR and making sure they learn something in the process!

Big thank you to all participants, you should receive an email today with more instructions on how to redeem your prizes!

See you all again for Hacktoberfest 2019!