Good news everyone!

A Call for Participation for the FOSDEM 2019 DevRoom on “Machine Learning on Code” is now officially open! 🎉🎉🎉

Last year at FOSDEM 2018 my colleagues from source{d} and I stepped up and helped with organizing the first (half-day) Source Code Analysis DevRoom track. For a small initiative it was a great success: for half a day, people from multiple programming languages, tooling, parser-generator communities got together to share and discuss all kinds of automation that is used for managing the ever growing complexity and amount of source code in industry and FLOSS projects alike.

If you missed it last year, a detailed report from Francesc Campoy with 🎥 available below.

This year we are preparing something new: the “Machine Learning on Code” DevRoom.

Machine Learning on Code” DevRoom

With recent advances in the AI/ML field, many new ambitious approaches tackling source code analysis become possible. New projects are started and new papers are published almost daily, so we decided that it’s the right time to step up again and help FOSDEM do what it does best: create focal points for getting together multiple communities in exciting fields.

Please join us to enjoy a full day of talks, demos and interesting discussions on applications of Machine Learning to Source Code Analysis.

We welcome any talk proposals about applying advanced predictive analysis techniques like machine learning to the medium of source code.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • assisted code reviews
  • bug prediction
  • automated program repairing
  • language agnostic program representation
  • code synthesis
  • static code analysis
  • tests generation


Please submit talk proposals through official Pentabarf link (“Create Event”).

Make sure to select “ML on Code devroom” as the “Track” and include the following in your proposal:

  • Title of your talk (will be printed in the FOSDEM booklet)
  • Your full name (will be printed in the FOSDEM booklet)
  • A short abstract (one or two paragraphs)

The format will be 25 minutes per talk.

The official DevRoom schedule will be announced on December 7th on the DevRoom mailing list and the speakers will be notified via e-mail beforehand.

Organizing a track at the conference is exciting but requires quite a lot of work: if you are interested in being part of this and helping out with making it a reality this year, please reach out to me or Francesc Campoy.

Important dates

  • Nov 30th 2018: submission deadline for talk proposals
  • Dec 5th 2018: talks announced and speakers notified of acceptance
  • Dec 7th 2018: announcement of the final schedule
  • Feb 2nd 2019: FOSDEM!

The room will follow FOSDEM Code of Conduct.

 Alexander Bezzubov,
 Francesc Campoy.

Official FOSDEM conference website