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Podcast — Ep1 — A Startup working remotely!

A Technology focused podcast — Sources and Sinks! This podcast will talk about the people, technology, products of silicon valley — with a security twist.

First episode is on a very relevant topic and a deeply personal conversation about ShiftLeft and how it has been working largely remote since its inception.

An engaging conversation with ShiftLeft CTO and co-founder Chetan Conikee. We chat about ShiftLeft and remote working. As Chetan describes, remote working was a default way of work for ShiftLeft since its inception and it is now relying on its learnt experience to cope up mandatory home work culture.

Chetan based on his background as VC also gives an insight into how remote setups have been percieved by VC community and how perceptions are changing.

I talk about how I emphasize empathy in engaging with enterprise customers while being remote.

Transcript of the episode is available here

Alok Shukla, Chetan Conikee



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