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Podcast — Ep 5- A story of “Aha” moments!

Many of us “product practitioners” have gone through “Aha” moments when it all started to make sense. A point of sensory elation, a time of knowledge and that time when a product destiny reveals itself to you in full glory.

However, there is always a series of trials and errors in the lead up to such an “aha” moment. Some credit them to rigorous “data analysis” and many specially higher up on the ladder credit them to a “gut feel”. A study by Fortune Knowledge Group found out in a survey that 62% of the executives in that survey credited gut feelings and other soft factors in their decisioning.

In the world of product definition and design, as practitioners, we have always experienced such moments where we had all the data but we relied on our gut to make a call, and then we tasted success.

I discuss this phenomenon with two of my guests — Prabhu Subramanian, Lead Architect at ShiftLeft and Dharmesh Gandhi, SVP of Products at Rentomojo (formerly at Amazon and Uber).

Prabhu discussed his Aha moment during his work on ShiftLeft Scan, Dharmesh during his work on an advertising product at Amazon and Alok during his work on Attack Analytics during his tenure at Imperva.

Alok Shukla, Dharmesh Gandhi, Prabhu Subhramaniam



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