Building and Running Python Scripts with Xcode 8

Currently, I’m working on a project that involves with Python Programming. So I need to start up to learn about python programming. However, I don’t like to use with Python REPL. And for now, i decided to use Xcode instead then I’m trying to find the best solution for making my work easy more and more.
Ok, These are some step I need to set up my project.

Step 1: Install Python 3.6

$ brew install python3

This will take a minute or two.

Step 2: Locate python3

for me i use tcsh, so where python3 reports /usr/local/bin/python3. The location is surely the same for you, but I don’t know what the equivalent for where is in bash.

Step 3: Create an Xcode project

  • File > New > Project > Cross-platform > External Build System > Next.
  • Enter a name (e.g. PythonOnXcode), and enter the path from Step 2 into the “Build Tool” line. Click Next.
  • Navigate to whatever location you like, and click Create.

Step 4. Create a Python file

  • Choose File > New, select macOS > Other > Empty. Click Next.

You should already be in your project’s top-level folder. If not, go there. Name your file, choosing whatever name you like. I went with Make sure the “add to target Python” box is checked. Click Create.

Step 5. Edit your Run Scheme

  • Click and hold on the PythonOnXcode target in the jump bar. Select Edit Scheme…
  • The Run scheme displays, with the Info tab selected.

Step 6. Choose the Executable

I warn you now that this step is going to be delicate, fragile, and stupid. That’s because Xcode, for whatever reason, will not let you use the symbolic link at /usr/local/bin/python3. I don’t know why.

In the Info tab. Select “Other” from the Executable pop-up list. A file selection dialog appears.

  • When dialog pop, Go to Terminal then Type: cd /usr/local/bin
  • Type open /usr/local/bin
  • Right Click on Python3.6 then select Show Original
  • Get in to that location in terminal and Type ln python3.6 python36
  • Type open .
  • Drag python36 to Choose an executable to launch dialog box.
  • Select python36 then click choose button.

Step 7. Add Launch Arguments

Now, click the Arguments tab. Click + under “Arguments Passed On Launch” and type $(SRCROOT)/ followed by the name of the Python file you created in Step 4.

Step 8. Testing with python code

  • Finished

Thanks and I hope it can help you to get start python with XCode. If you have any question, Feel free to ask and I will answer as can as possible. If you like it. please share it around. Happy Coding …… :)

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