Keeping Your Sous Vide Bath Warm

My sous vide koozie prototype

Recently I purchased the LIPAVI Sous Vide Model C20 Container that holds 26 quarts of water. I paired it with their stainless steel sous vide rack. Soon after I realized that when I attempted to heat the bath I found that my circulator was having a hard time keeping it at a constant temperature.

I decided to prototype a sous vide koozie to help my circulator keep up with the larger water bath. The first step was to purchase Insulbrite Thermal Batting. The batting has a reflective metalized poly film inside that is typically used in oven mitts.

To ensure the insulated batting would solve the problem I decided to prototype the koozie by using white duct tape. I plan to make a new sewn version in the near future. Here are the results:

Alternatively, you can always just buy sous vide water balls. I’ve tried them out in my large stock pot and found they work REALLY well.

Interested in starting to cook using the sous vide method? Here is a list of the equipment I use that you can order:

My Sous Vide Kit (Image Linked to Amazon List)

The total cost for the complete kit is approximately $500 from Amazon.You can save some money by using a stock pot instead of the container/rack. You can also sear your food in a hot cast iron skillet (I like to do both) and skip out on the torch and searzall. Finally, you can skip the vacuum sealer and use Ziplock bags with the water bath sealing method.

My pick for the best sous vide searing torch HERE.

My recipe for sous vide salmon fillets HERE.

My recipe for sous vide crispy chicken thighs HERE.

My recipe for sous vide hard boiled eggs HERE.

Tip & Trick: Ziplock Bag Method of Sous Vide Cooking.

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