Sous Vide Crispy Chicken Thigh Recipe

Crispy Sous Vide Chicken Thigh, Kenji’s Mustard-Wine Pan Sauce and Cous Cous Primavera.

One of the BEST things you can make with your sous vide circulator is a skinless and boneless chicken breast prepared without oil or butter. My mom tells me my sous vide breasts are the best she’s ever had. But if you’re tired of being so healthy you might want to splurge and try out a chicken thigh. If you’re like me you’ll want the skin nice and crispy. Here is my recipe:

Quick Guide:
— 1 chicken thigh (bone-in with skin)
— Salt and Pepper
— 1 tablespoon olive oil
— 165°F for 1–4 hours
— Crisp in a pan for 10 minutes

Step One: Set your sous vide circulator to 165°F.

Step Two: Liberally salt and pepper your chicken thighs as seen below.

Step Three: Place each individual thigh into a single vacuum bag (or Ziplock bag if you don’t have a sealer). If you want to be fancy (you know who you are) you can drop in a little rosemary or thyme in each bag. As you can see below I just went with the salt and pepper:

Step Four: Place in your water bath preheated to 165°F for between one to four hours (they’ll be done in an hour, but you can keep them in the bath for three more hours without worrying about overcooking).

Step Five: Place the bags into an ice bath to stop them from cooking further. You can store them in your refrigerator for up to four days or finish them immediately.

Step Six: Our the oil into a non-stick pan and place over medium heat. Press each thigh into the oiled pan for about eight minutes until crisp and golden brown. Flip and warm the other side for two minutes.

If you’re a fan of J. Kenji Lopez-Alt you’ll want to try his Mustard-Wine Pan Sauce. Here is his recipe:

— 1 small shallot, minced
— 1 cup dry white wine
— 1 tablespoon whole-grain mustard
— 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
— 1/2 teaspoon fresh juice from 1 lemon
— 1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley leaves

Step One: Reserve the gelled liquid from each bag.

Step Two: Heat non-stick pan to medium-high heat and cook the minced shallot until soft (30 seconds). Add one cup of dry white wine and reduce by half (2 minutes). Stir in chicken gel and mustard.

Step Three: Turn off heat and stir in butter, lemon juice, and parsley.

Pour the sauce over the chicken thigh and serve. Yummy!

Interested in starting to cook using the sous vide method? Here is a list of the equipment I use that you can order:

My Sous Vide Kit (Image Linked to Amazon List)

The total cost for the complete kit is approximately $500 from Amazon.You can save some money by using a stock pot instead of the container/rack. You can also sear your food in a hot cast iron skillet (I like to do both) and skip out on the torch and searzall. Finally, you can skip the vacuum sealer and use Ziplock bags with the water bath sealing method.

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