Sous Vide Hard Boiled Egg Recipe

My kids absolutely love hard boiled eggs and making them in your sous vide circulator couldn’t be simpler.

Quick Guide:
— fresh eggs
— 170°F for 60 minutes
— Chill in ice bath for 15 minutes (serve immediately or store up to four days)

Interested in starting to cook using the sous vide method? Here is a list of the equipment I use that you can order:

My Sous Vide Kit (Image Linked to Amazon List)

The total cost for the complete kit is approximately $500 from Amazon.You can save some money by using a stock pot instead of the container/rack. You can also sear your food in a hot cast iron skillet (I like to do both) and skip out on the torch and searzall. Finally, you can skip the vacuum sealer and use Ziplock bags with the water bath sealing method.

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