Sous Vide Swordfish Steak Recipe

This afternoon I saw a nice looking piece of swordfish and I decided to cook it in my sous vide circulator. It turned out nice and was super simple to prepare.

Quick Guide:
 — skin-on swordfish steak
 — 118F for 1–4 hours
 — salt, pepper, and butter

In this case I simply added salt and pepper to the steak and placed a pat of butter in the vacuum bag. I didn’t bother searing the swordfish, but you could sear it on the grill or with your torch (most people like the grill marks on a swordfish). I paired the swordfish with a simple sweet summer kale salad (kale, almonds, cranberries, apples, dressing (olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, oj, honey, dijon, shallots, garlic, red pepper and oregano).

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