This Week in Sous Vide

Welcome to the third installment of my weekly roundup post here on Sous Vide. I started the week with an interview with Professional Sous Vide Chef Jonas Frei of Lucerne, Switzerland. Chef Frei shared with us some of his biggest sous vide mistakes and some of his biggest sous vide successes.

Next I shared my choice for sous vide vacuum bags — I had been doing it all wrong.

Walking through Whole Foods I saw the most delicious looking ‘Frenched’ rack of lamb and decided I had to give it a try.

Later in the week I decided to prepare BBQ Baby Back Ribs for my entire family. I forgot to remove the membrane from the back of the ribs. You can read about how it turned out.

The next evening I was attempting to sear a skin-on chicken thigh and the skin stuck to the surface of my cast iron skillet. I realized it was in desperate need of reseasoning. The picture of the skillet is embarrassing.

Finally, I was in the mood for a steak so I rehashed my recipe for a sous vide New York Strip.

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