South America: The rising hub for digital nomads.

Lima, Peru

The main cities of Latin America offer an attractive environment, facilities and services that makes them the next destination for remote workers.

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro — Brazil

Digital nomads travel the world to find the perfect combo of coworking-space, wi-fi and cultural environment. There are bonus factors like food, arts and landscape, just to name a few.

Location independent professionals have already heard of and experienced the perks of Southeast Asia, but now South America is becoming a big player too. In the last 5 years cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Medellín turned into relevant hubs for digital nomads.

Originally, coworking spaces were born as offices for those who couldn’t afford to rent or buy their own space. It was the perfect alternative to coffee shops, as they would be able to focus more on work, and less on people passing by all the time. Today, they have become a place where start-ups and bigger companies decide to work because of the value of working in a “knowledge rich” community.

Residencia coworking, Lima — Peru

Coworking spaces create an atmosphere of fraternity, in which amateurs and professionals exchange information, opinions and points of view. Many of them offer courses and different learning opportunities as well. It is the perfect spot for rapid professional and business growth.

Coworking in South America

South America has growth intensively in the last 5 years, passing from 27 coworking spaces in 2011 (Deskmag, article “1320 coworking spaces worldwide”), to +400 in 2016, being the most growing region in this sector during this period.

The perks of being a digital nomad in a South American city need to be taken into consideration: the main capitals are cosmopolitan cities with a strong cultural influence and a growing start-up scene.

Most of the capitals of South American countries are known for their cosmopolitan lifestyles. You’ll find professionals from all over the world working in different business types: From successful business managers to small entrepreneurs in branches like software development, exports, design, marketing, etc.

Culture is an unavoidable element when living in South America. Latin american passion becomes a daily inspiration and motivation for any entrepreneur or independent worker. To live and breath in such dynamic, vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere is a key factor in developing creativity and motivation, and also in having the time of your life.

Finally, the start-up and internet based entrepreneurs scene has grown considerably over the last few years in the main cities of South America. “With a population that is increasingly reliant on internet and mobile technology, governments and entrepreneurs are working together to create opportunities for startups” said Camila Souza in her article “Top 5 cities in Latin America to launch a startup” for In the region’s coworking spaces we can find many of the most influential south american entrepreneurs, with whom we can exchange ideas and learn about the experiences as entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Potrerillos — Mendoza, Argentina

Overall, South America is a favorite when location independent workers dream about their next destination. Although the benefits are considerable, there are other facts to take into consideration such as price (cheap, but not as cheap as South Asia) and a certain, but avoidable level of crime in some sections of the region. If have in mind going to South America you could evaluate the benefits of traveling along with a group, such as the digital nomad program offered by The Nomads Cowork

About The Nomads Cowork

The Nomads Cowork is a 6­ month cultural and professional exchange program hosting 30 digital nomads. The first itinerary departs in January 2017 and features Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile.

The Nomads Cowork team arranges all the hard stuff to plan, so that the participants are be able to focus on their current jobs while they get to know a new place with a talented group of fellow digital nomads, and feel the local culture in each new destination.

Applications can be made through the company’s website: