Case Study: Coding Bootcamp with the University of Notre Dame

Technology Education Programs at the University Level.

Students who participated in this Intro to Web Development Boot Camp gained experience using technologies and methods used in professional settings by developing a portfolio of work that demonstrates the relevancy of their knowledge and skills. The program primarily targeted the University’s non-computer science majors.

The University of Notre Dame approached South Bend Code School with the desire to create a program that primarily targeted non-computer science majors and gave them experience and professional skills development that would inform students considering computer science courses, degrees, and careers.

Traditionally, coding boot camps are intensive training programs for software development. This boot camp was a part of the University’s Winter Session offerings (2021), a series of engaging skills and career development opportunities that Notre Dame students could capitalize on during their winter break.

During the boot camp, students built web applications using JavaScript, databases, and API’s.

Students learned how to code by developing web-based applications. Web development is a great introductory skill to learn due to its friendlier nature for new learners, especially those who might be questioning their affinity for technology-oriented skills.

Students gained a thorough introduction to coding and web development by creating a portfolio of work that showed the skills they learned.

Learning Outcomes.

  • Understanding of HTML & CSS.
  • Understanding of JavaScript and logic-based programming.
  • Creating and launching websites online.
  • The ability to commit their code to GitHub.
  • Utilization of Google Chrome developer tools to debug code in the browser.
  • Understanding of database structures and design.
  • Understanding of NoSQL data structures.
  • Ability to use Google Firestore to read and write data to a database.
  • A basic understanding and utilization of API’s.

Sample Projects.

Virtual Pet: The purpose of this project was for students to gain experience using HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to create a game that requires the user to care for their virtual pet. This game reinforces the concepts necessary to develop a web page that includes basic logic.

Chat App: This project required students to build chat applications by implementing functionality to read and write data to a database. A future iteration would require students to integrate an API that could incorporate gifs into their chat applications.

The class targeted students who had little to no prior experience with coding. The enrollment for this course totaled 45 undergraduate students from ND, from a variety of majors, including:

  • Design and Art Studio
  • English
  • International Economics — Arabic
  • Neuroscience and Behavior, Biochemistry, Psychology, Physics, and Biological Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Business Technology
  • Sacred Music
  • Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Nonprofit Administration
  • Management Consulting
  • Finance, Business Analytics, Economics, and Marketing
  • Liberal Studies

This course effectively delivered an education experience that introduced students to computer science by providing a friendly pathway with a low barrier to entry for individuals considering the further pursuit of computer science knowledge and skills.

South Bend Code School (SBCS) is an award-winning technology education company. We create project-based curriculum and instruction plans that help educators teach computer science concepts. We offer customized support for technology classroom management, curriculum development, teacher training, and assist educators on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

If you’d like help with introducing your students to computer science skills, email or visit our website at to learn more.



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