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South of Certainty

The ‘Imaginary Friends’ Who Saved My Sanity

A photo of all of the characters from Dragon Age: Origins
Photo by DanaDuchy on YouTube

Do we ever get too old to have imaginary friends?

Yes. Yes, we do.

It’s cute when you’re five. You’re still figuring out the world and how to be social. Eventually, we grow up, we mature, and we make friendships with real people. Having served their purpose, we discard our imaginary friends.




A blog which examines the aspects of the human condition that lead to overthinking, often viewed through the prism of personal experience.

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Matthew B. Johnson

Matthew B. Johnson

I’m a Sacramento-based writer, English professor, track coach, C-5 incomplete quadriplegic, diehard 49ers fan, comic book geek, and lover of all things coffee.

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