Daria Minsky, CEO & CO founder at Exponenta.io: “Being an entrepreneur is a system of values and you have to contribute to humanity”

We talk with Daria Minsky, CEO at Exponenta.io, about the challenges and opportunities that the entrepreneurs have to face to reach the success.

Why did you decide to start your business and how did you come up with the idea?

I created a leading lifestyle mag in my country that was systematically producing viral content for a local audience. I came to talk with a talented data scientist about the possibility of extracting viral patterns from these articles and increasing the visibility of our content without paying a fortune to Facebook. I was surprised when he told me that he had a preliminary understanding on how to create such a tool. Then, we decided not to develop it as an internal service for a limited market, but to come up with an international startup. At the moment we’ve studied 10.000 factors that influence content’s popularity and created a pretty complex algorithm that we’ve already validated on pilot projects.

What does being an entrepreneur mean for you?

First, you have to be a very passionate person. I didn’t see any successful founders who were cynical and apathetic. There should be some chemistry in the brain that makes you love risk, have a drive and fearlessness of the unknown. Second, it’s a system of values. I’m just not able to do whatever job for the job’s sake. You have a very limited time as a human being, and you can’t waste any time. You have to contribute to humanity. You choose the area where you’re good at and try your best.

Why your company is useful for the user?

I talked to dozens of publishers and marketers. They’re all looking for the same thing: how to get visibility for their high-quality content considering the increasing amount of digital noise, clickbait and fake news; how to get through Facebook’s filter bubbles and mysterious algorithms, how to shape the content in such a way that people could actually see it on their news feeds and share it. Those are the things Exponenta is dealing with.

Why did you decide to participate at South Summit?

Two people from our team are IE Business School graduates. After finishing the school in 2016, we decided to stay here and applied for a business residence permit. As soon as we legally registered a spanish startup, it was a very natural step for us to apply to South Summit.

What advantages have you found since then?

Well, we’re definitely not just some startup anymore, it’s sort of a social proof in the local startup community. Like a quality label.

What do you expect from this event?

As every startup, we’d like to explore local investment opportunities, potential strategic partnerships and customers and get some exposure on what we’re doing. At the moment, our algorithms are able to deal with English language only, but Spanish is one of our highest priorities, so we’d like to know someone from the Spanish-speaking market that would be willing to do some pilot projects with us.

How did you feel when you knew that you were a startup finalist?

It was great! Since we started to pitch, we used to become finalists at different conferences in different countries. For us, it is another confirmation that we’re on the right path.

What´s your dream in life?

I’m a technological optimist. I believe we’re going towards a better society regardless of all counter-waves that we experience right now in the political field around the world. At Exponenta, we really admire Elon Musk’s new initiative, Neurolink, that is supposed to connect AI with the human brain. Actually, the name Exponenta refers to Ray Kurzweil’s book “Singularity is near”, where he describes the moment in history when you can’t predict the future anymore because of the exponential growth of tech. So, my very deep dream is to be able to witness and participate in the next phase of human evolution, like broadening the biological limits of lifetime, our consciousness and abilities.

Why would you encourage other entrepreneurs to participate at the South Summit?

It’s a great opportunity to share the stage with the brightest minds and to show your ambitions if you’re daring enough.

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