This Whole Mess We Call “Indonesian Censorship”

Can someone please make it stop?

Indonesia’s censorship has gotten to a point where it has become a parody of itself. On Monday (10/10), the film Automata (2014) on TransTV got the blur treatment. So the film looked like this:

Can you feel the jiggle?

I’m not even sure what the intent of this was. It would be pretty cool if this were the ironic work of some sarcastic member of a censorship board, and all the rage turned out to be an effect of Poe’s Law. But then I remember these happened a while back:

I feel like making jokes about these will land me on an FBI watchlist, so I’ll shut up.

And of course there was this whole mess on CNN:

Seriously, let me point out the obvious. There’s hardly anything “natural” about human sexuality — it’s all in the context. Anyone who has gone through puberty and discovered how utterly boring the naked human body is when stripped of all sexual poses and narratives will know this.

In other words, the people who did these utterly inexplicable censorship did exactly one thing, and one thing alone:

They created sexual context when there was none.

They’re teaching us — children, especially, because they won’t know better — to see sex in the most absurd places. Look kids, here is a cartoon show! Did you know that nine-year-old Shizuka’s ass is actually really really hot? Oh and look at that squirrel’s boobs, young children! They’re censored because you’re supposed to find sexual pleasure in them! Go get your soap — but don’t tell Mommy!

Going swimming with friends? Checking out some humanoid robots at a science show? Well, if you see anything that resembles a female body, you know what to do, kids!

Yay sexual education!

Seriously, I wonder why Young Lex and Awkarin is causing such a moral panic when people who are doing our censorship are clearly corrupting the minds of young children in much worse manners.

Don’t believe me? Here, let me break it down for you:

When kids become influenced by Young Lex and Awkarin and the like, they’ll probably — I don’t know — thug lyfe their way through their teenage years, becoming rebels, having consensual casual sex and acting all obnoxious about it. Which is super annoying, but hey, teenagers, am I right?

At least these guys blur the right things.

When kids become influenced by these censorships, they learn to see sex in cold steel, nine-year-old girls, and a fucking squirrel. Oh, and they’ll also learn to visual-rape every woman in swimming pools, because, hey, why else would you wear a friggin’ bikini if not to make yourself a sex object? We need more of these young extremists, am I right?

Take a guess which group of kids will learn to adapt a holier-than-thou attitude and blame the victims when rape happens. Go ahead.

It’s obvious, right?

So here is what I don’t understand. The government wants to cook testicles of rapists into mush with some chemicals, but then at the same time they insist on creating the mindset that sex is literally everywhere you look, even on children’s shows and the sterile white steel of technology?

And that hiding female body parts are good and showing them is bad? So we’re kind of all just forgetting that we’re supposed to be empowering women instead of shaming their bodies now. Great! Heck, we’re even shaming the body of an athlete we’re supposed to look up to, because she has a female body!

Meanwhile, our sexual education curriculum is basically this:

Check out our complete collection of sexual education books for schoolchildren!

Which means we’re basically churning out people with so much sex negativity and female objectification in their heads — an objectification that extends to pedophiliac, zoophiliac, and goddammit-it’s-a-freaking-white-robot-who-would-get-off-on-this-philiac levels now with our utterly bizarre censorship policies.

Dude. No. Just, no. Please stop.

And amidst all that, is it really any wonder that this incident got so much traction?

Pictured: Kasumi Kato cringing at the pathetic state of Indonesian sexuality

The whole thing is very unfortunate (especially for the person currently being held suspect), but follow most conversations around it and one cannot fail to notice one underlying sentiment: We deserve this scandal.

We’ve been sexually repressed for so long that this Videotron Incident gives us a breath of fresh air.

Which begs the question: Was that incident really disruptive on an actual, practical level? No, of course not. It was disruptive on a symbolic level: It acknowledged a truth we were supposed to deny.

The showing of a pornographic video on a gigantic screen in public, in broad daylight, is not a demonstration of some perverted madness in society. On the contrary, it is an honest performance — perhaps the only honest performance — about what we consider to be a sane sexuality amidst all the insanity of these increasingly ridiculous censorships.

Heck, perhaps it is the only true statement amidst all the logically-flawed, thinly-veiled anti-feminist, sex negative culture of lies and hypocrisy that is our censorship culture.

It takes that hypocrisy and rubs it in our collective faces in the loudest possible manner, which is what we all deserve. And that is precisely why the country seems to be equal parts very angry and very amused by it.

And amidst all this, it seems like the only play from our holier-than-thou leaders is still to keep on making up sexual contexts where there are none, and boil all balls that act on it.

Whoop whoop!

It’s very important, right? Someone needs to teach little Budi and Ani that sex is everywhere, and that the female body and anything that resembles it must be censored at all costs, because they are nothing but filth. There is nothing good about them, even when used to compete in national sporting events. Forget sex education — just tell them all is filthy, but inevitable as long as women, women anthropomorphic cartoon characters, and women-shaped deadpan objects exist!

We’ll keep teaching them this, so that when Budi grows up he will finally see Ani for what she really is: A filthy, filthy being that should know better than to show skin. Expressing herself? That’s only for boys! She’s already nine years old, and even the TV knows that nine-year-old girls have censor-worthy bodies, right?

So eventually Budi and his gang rape Ani and get their testicles fried by the government, all the while resenting and blaming Ani for not covering herself up. Ani is insane now after the incident, thanks to internalizing all that negative stigma her own country has hammered into her since a very young age. (Yeah, things got dark pretty quickly.)

Anyway, good luck processing all those testicles, guys. You’re gonna have a lot, if this Draconian way is how you decide to go about things. Better start using taxpayer money to get all those chemicals ready! Don’t want to run out of them, right?

Enjoy your testicle soup, Indonesia.

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