Credibility at Its Finest

With the recent actions of the Islamic State or ISIS as we now know this group, many articles have made it to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. After a bit of searching during the recent actions posted to social media of a prisoner of ISIS that was taken hostage back in December went viral, I came across this article from Fox News. On first evaluation this article that was posted on February 4, 2015. This article at the bottom of the page provides copyright back to the Fox News Network. While reading this article with the ideas of evaluations in mind, I took a look at the accuracy of this article. The information provided does seem to be accurate and address the main concern of getting the information out to the public opinion. One grammatical error does catch my eyes in the tenth paragraph there is a quote by Bernadette Meehan,

“We are aware of the video purporting to show that [al-Kaseasbeh] has been murdered by the terrorist group ISIL,” read Meehan’s statement. “The intelligence community is working to confirm its authenticity. The United States strongly condemns ISIL’s actions and we call for the immediate release of all those held captive by ISIL. We stand in solidarity with the Ggvernment of Jordan and the Jordanian people.”

In the provided quote you can see that the word government is spelled with two gs and no o. During further inspection of this article there is a link attached that provides a link to the latest video the Islamic State had provided on social media. When this video is opened the video is dated February 3, 2015 which is a day earlier than the original article was posted. This leads me to believe that the article was edited between the two days. All the information provided does appear to be factual and true.

Appealing, yes the composer of this article wants to draw an emotional reaction from the reader. Many of the main points of this article are to show how the Islamic state is extremely unjust for these extreme measures. The article begins with a different story and beings with the explanation of the execution of two captive Isil members. In the following paragraphs the article explains who the one main captive is then abruptly shifts to the link of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive.

The purpose of this article does appear to provide information to the public about what is going on with the Islamic state. About mid-way through the article you can see where the composer begins to change direction and begins with interviews from other leaders such a President Obama. This could be Fox as a company’s way of expressing the United States point of view on the topic as a whole or it could also be portraying political beliefs. The purpose of this article can be to get information out but, also swing personal influences on this issues of foreign democracy’s and how political heads hold their opinions.

The article listed from Fox does have a great deal of coverage in the article. This post does give the reader enough information about what led up to this tragic event. The composer also did a very good job of covering the situation at hand even going as far as posting such a tragic video to Fox News page. Many people would feel as this video should not be played out of sheer respect, but the composer felt as though it was necessary to get the full information out. This article could make or break the ratings of Fox News.

After analyzing this article the one thing that stands out most about it is the advertisements at the end of the page. Here we can see links to websites such as Bankright, AutoCheat Sheet, LifeLock, and Readers Digest which can imply funding of some sort.

In summary Fox News has done an ideal job on the coverage of this article, but does have grammatical errors. Also apon further analyzation the reader can see imposed social aspects depicted through interviews and knowledge from experts in the provided area.

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