US News Source Analysis

Blake Daniels

ENGL 1102/003


Source Analysis

The main idea for the source that I’m using is pretty clear. Since you first click on the article and see the first picture you almost know what the article is going to be about, because the main picture below the header is a picture of Islamic demonstrators holding up the flag of the Islamic State group. The author is trying to inform that ISIS isn’t just a problem that is over in the middle east anymore, they’re starting to branch out and have some sort of influence on the majority of other countries. While also rapidly advancing and spreading their radical Islamic belief in the middle east. This thought is carried over into all parts of the article since the composer is trying to relay this information to anyone who might not know, so that he may spread what the current state of affairs is with the ISIS problem in the middle east. On the basis of what evidence the composer uses, he presents multiple sources to prove his point on the fact that things are notgetting that much better with the war on ISIS. Sources such as expert on the rise of Islamic extremism Karl Kaltenthaler, Obama’s speech about withdrawing American troops and Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa who’s a spokesperson for the Pakistani military.

The source I am currently using is reliable because from what I can tell it has accurate information on the current state of affairs with ISIS. The article currently has no contradictions on all of the info that I have verified using other reliable sources. Meaning that, except for the occasional typo the composer makes, all of the information is valid. Yet while the composer does not provide a literal bibliography at the end of the article there is a whole slew of hyperlinks and in text citations that point to the sources he has used. I believe that this provides ample credit to the sources that the composer has used or referenced in composing this article.

The authority who composed this article is Paul D. Shinkman. He’s worked for US news for about 2 years and 5 months. Overall he has accumulated around 12 years of experience in the field of reporting and has received multiple rewards for some of his accomplishments. Since he has worked in the world of reporting for around 12 years he has proven himself to be a reliable and credible reporter.

The objectivity of the article is that it’s mostly based on facts with a slight bit of a right leaning attitude to the situation. The article tries to stay objective in this regard by using multiple sources with varying viewpoints. The article is mostly based on informing the populace of how ISIS is growing and how fast they are spreading. Which means that it tries its best to approach all of the viewpoints of different parties because it wants to reach out and affect as many people as it possibly could. Also US News’s copyright was last updated in 2015 so it regularly updates the copyright. All of these attribute to a mostly objective article with a slight right leaning approach since it’s very hard to write an article without having at least a little bit of a bias.

The article has a good amount of coverage over the topic that the author has selected. Through the use of outside sources and the author’s own knowledge of the topic the article has a good supply of knowledge that some people may not have not known about. However some of the information was something that almost everyone would have known, assuming you know there’s a war in Afghanistan, but it’s quickly followed up by other sources that go into more depth about the specific point of the topic that is in question. Following up the general information in this manner makes the article a mildly engaging source to read over since they might go more in depth about a topic you already knew about to provide a greater understanding.

The creation date for this particular article on US News’s site is November 20, 2014. Therefore while not the most recent article on the issues with the affect ISIS is having on the world. However it is a fairly recently made article that applies to some of the recent effects ISIS has had on the world in the last year. While the article needs to be updated since it is not the most recent version on the internet the situation with ISIS has not had too many drastic changes over last few months excluding the tragic terrorist attack that happened at Charlie Hebdo, which I believe should be covered in a separate article all to its own. As for revisions, I haven’t seen any news on the site as to when the author made his last update to the article making me believe that he probably made it and left it alone. Which is perfectly acceptable to me since the article covers all the topics that the author wanted to mention.

The reason I am not putting in a logical fallacies section for this particular source review is because I heavily believe that the article simply wants to inform you of the problems with ISIS. The author doesn’t try to get you to do anything or believe something different about ISIS, but simply tries to appeal to a group of people that are against ISIS by informing them that they are right about ISIS being the “bad guys.” Which leaves little room for any logical fallacies to be found since the article tries to be more informative, less persuasive and doesn’t try to call anyone to action.

While this source may have some faults I’d say that they are overshadowed by the quality of information that is displayed. The author uses many credible sources to verify his information making it a reliable source to be used in the future.

So I’d say overall this article is a good one that can be used as a reference to the situation with ISIS over in the middle east.

Source used: US News