Sending Employees on Coworking Retreats Pays Off

It’s time to let your employees go on a coworking retreat!

A coworking retreat is a conclave of creative and innovative people that come together for a fixed amount of time to work, learn and play with each other, preferably in a beautiful environment that inspires them.

Sending your employees on a coworking retreat is a great way to tap into their passions and potential, and demonstrate that they are valued for who they are. This can bring invaluable benefits to your organisation!

A coworking retreat is one of the best investments you can make to help guide individuals in your organisation, to have a greater impact, engagement and commitment. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.


Fostering innovation is one of the hardest things to do. Creating an innovative organisation requires constant investment on its people, whose individual efforts are a piece of the greater collective innovative effort.

People need the right context and environment to be able to solve hard problems. The most self-driven individuals thrive in opportunities that enable them to feel inspired and create something novel and useful.

A coworking retreat is a great way to enable employees to innovate. It is a canvas where people connect, educate and inspire each other, explore ideas through collective thinking and may even come up with a new product or service for you company.

Creativity & Productivity

Working hard does not guarantee success or happiness, it’s actually the other way around. Studies have shown that employees that experience frequent bursts of happiness have the potential to be 31% more productive and 3x more creative. It’s clear that looking after your employees happiness levels will drive better bottom line results for your company.

A coworking retreat is one of the most effective ways to fuel employee happiness. Even the most self-motivated individuals benefit from positive interactions with people who do not happen to be in the same building as them everyday. An environment that fosters collaboration and focus, as well as time to unwind, disconnect and digest all inputs, can be a great platform to get into the flow of creativity.

Attract & Nurture Top Talent

People are your biggest competitive edge. They are the ones that will innovate, create, improve and make important decisions, so it’s crucial to leverage their talent and treat them well.

Giving them autonomy, flexible working opportunities, healthy life balance are great perks that many organisations have already adopted. But there’s more that can be done to attract and nurture top talent.

Coworking retreats are highly desirable to employees. It means time away from the office, no need to commute and no fixed hours. It’s about getting work done, innovating, learning, connecting and meaningful playing.

It’s a transformative experience that will make your employees feel valued and return to the office with renewed positivity and energy.

Learning & Development

A coworking retreat takes people’s learning & development to a different level, by supporting their professional and personal growth holistically, in order to maximise their full potential.

People want more work and life integration, specially the millennial generation — they want to grow on both fronts. They are passion seekers and driven by the opportunity to do meaningful work.

A great strategy to keep employees committed and productive is to provide them with rich learnings experiences that tap into their interests and passions.

Purpose driven employees thrive on opportunities to feel inspired, and connect with interesting people that can help them learn and grow. These passion seekers want to have an impact and do meaningful work. They will be committed and engaged if given trust and autonomy.

There’s never been a better time to build happiness at work by inspiring trust and freedom. Technology has freed people to work from anywhere. By leveraging this organisations can enable employees to experience new ways of learning and developing, both in work and life!

Coworking retreats are the new way to ignite your employees passion and creativity, and are one of the best investments you can make in your organisation today.

It can be an invaluable experience offered as an addition to you current learning & development programs, and employee perks. Show how far you go to nurture, motivate and engage your employees and let the results speak for themselves.

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