Using Nifty Wallet for Sovryn

Julio Moros
Oct 8, 2020 · 6 min read

Sovryn is just in its start-up stage and more options are emerging for new users to choose from a variety of wallets.

One of this new options is the Nifty Wallet, which is a native application from the comunity of the POA blockchain and has integrated the rootstock blockchain, RSK, among its options.

At Sovryn our community wants you to have the freedom to choose from as many options as possible and in this tutorial you will learn how to interact with our platform using the Nifty wallet.

Setp 1: Install the Plug-In

The easiest way to install the plug in is going to the Chrome webstore. Go there and just click “add to chrome”.

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To install Nifty in your Chrome Browser

What if your browser is Firefox or Opera? (Brave is compatible with the Chrome plug-in). Well, in such case, you can go to its GitHub repo (Nifty, as any other trustless wallet, is open source!), and download the .zip file which fits to your browser.

In any case, put your .zip file in a folder of your convenience and unpack it. For Opera, go to the special url “opera://extensions”. In the case that your “developer mode” button is inactive, please, switch it! Then push the “Load Unpacked Extension” button and choose the folder of your unpacked .zip file. And voila!

If you dont see it yet, don’t worry. Click on the little cube at the top right, to show all active plug-ins. If you want, you can fix it (with the little tack) to be visible all the time.

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If you have Firefox, the special url is “about:debugging”. Just click the “Load Temporary Add-on…” button and go inside the unpacked folder and look for a JSON file called “manifest.json”; choose that element, and the browser will do the rest! Your nifty icon shoul appear at the top right!

Step 2: Install The Wallet

Now that you have it installed the plug in, you can install your wallet. Click on the plug in, and accept the terms (if you agree with them, of course)…

Click accept, only if you agree!

Then choose a password… Usually if you choose at least 12 keys, with uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters, you will be doing pretty well.

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Use at least 12 key, with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters…

Then a window with a randomly selected 12 words will appear. You need to write down these 12 words ON PAPER, and please, do it immediately (don’t leave it for “later”, you may forget it, and that 12 words are the key to recover your coins in the future!)

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Please DO NOT USE this 12 words ever! (these are just for illustration purposes) A hacker may steal your funds if you use them!

And then click on any of the green buttons. You are ready to use your wallet now!

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Now your wallet is ready

Step 3: Switch to RSK Network

Do you see that “POA” description next to the wallet image? It is the default network of the wallet, its native blockchain, “Proof of Authority”. Click on the little triangle and all the other network options will be shown!

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RSK network is pre-configured in the Nifty Wallet

As you can see, RSK network has been included in the configuration of the wallet. If you scroll down to see more network options, you will also find the RSK Testnet as well!

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RSK Testnet is included as well!

Choose whatever network you want to work with. In the Sovryn trade App, you can deal with both, a testnet version, and the mainnet version to do it with real money!

Step 4: Add the Tokens you Will Need

In the main window of the wallet, click on the “tokens” tab, and click on “Add Token”.

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Tokens tab

You will se a new window of the wallet. Please, click on the “Custom” tab.

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In the “Custom” tab you can set any token you wish

Now you just need the address of the tokens you will work with. Which are they? Well it depends on the network you are interested to try. If you are in the testnet, you will just need the test DOC and test WRBTC tokens.

If you want to try a wild move with real money, switch to the mainnet. You will need there the real DOC token, the real WRBTC token, and an special “OG” token (a Non-Fungible-Token, for an early access to the platform).

Testnet DOC Address:


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Place the address on “Token Address” field

Usually, the “Token Symbol” and “Decimals” are data that appears automatically. But, should you had some issues, those are “DOC” and 18. Then click on “Add”. It will save your new token, and now your wallet will be watching at that contract address to see if your account holds or receive any of those tokens (DOC).

Testnet WRBTC Address:


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For this token, the symbol is WRBTC, and has 18 decimals

We place the other address, and let the wallet do its magic. Click on “Add”.

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Now you have the DOC and WRBTC tokens on testnet

I think you can now walk by yourself, if I just give you the addresses of the tokens for the RSK mainnet. Can you?

DOC Address for RSK Mainnet:


WRBTC Address for RSK Mainnet:


NFT — “OG” Address:


(Nifty don’t visualize NFT tokens, but anyway, it will be useful to you to know this address, to see your token in the explorer).

If you do it well, you should see something like:

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Step 5: How to Get Some rBTC and DOC to Trade?

For testnet, you can find some test-rBTC coins and test-DOC tokens in the Sovryn faucet. (test-WRBTC will result out of the trade with liquidity transactions).

In order to get the early access OG token, you are invited to get into our discord server, to ask for one (is all you need to trade in Sovryn platform). We can help you also, by guiding into how to buy some rBTC or DOC tokens.

Now you can start to trade. Happy trading!

Note: This article is for informational purposes only. Please seek independent legal and financial advice in your jurisdiction before making any investment decisions.


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