SOWEFLO LIFE COVER PHOTO TAKEOVER ~ Courtesy Of Jamie Huenefeld, Killahwave Photography

SoWeFlo Life Cover Photo Takeover ~ Courtesy Of Jamie Huenefeld, Naples FL City Dock

Each week SoWeFlo Life features one amazing SWFL photographer, who shares our passion for life in Paradise. We ask that photographer to ‘take over’ the cover photo of our Facebook page, and make it their own. We are honored to feature some of SWFL’s most talented and creative photographers… both professional and amateur. Each one able to capture SWFL scenes with a sense of love and passion, as well as an artist’s eye for beauty, energy and vibe.

This week Jamie Huenefeld has taken over the SoWeflo Life cover photo! Please do follow Jamie, @killahwave on Instagram!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ Naples Pier FL

SoWeFlo Life is honored to have Jamie Huenefeld take over our Facebook cover photo. We would like to thank Jamie for fitting our takeover into her very busy photography schedule. She is an amazing photographer, and a dynamo on social media… an advocate for the Instagram photography community.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ Lover’s Key State Park, Ft. Myers Beach, Fl
Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ Naples Pier, FL

Jamie’s favorite locations to shoot photography are Naples Florida and New York City. Two locations as different geographically, as they are in vibe and energy. Testament to her talent and artistry, Jamie Huenefeld is able to capture both and tell their respective stories with passion and vibrancy. In Naples Jamie’s favorite photographic themes are low light, sunset/sunrise and long exposures.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ Naples, FL
Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ String Cheese Incident, Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival Bridgeport CT

Jamie is also owner/admin. of a live music performance photography Instagram hub, (photography collective), called @livemusiclovers. Many of the photos there were taken by Jamie. All of the photographers that participate share Jamie’s passion for music, and storytelling through photography.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ New York, NY

Jamie Huenefeld is also owner/admin. of two more popular Instagram hubs. One for New York City (which has almost 90K followers) and one that covers the entire United States, (which has over 44K followers). Both pages are SO easy to get lost in. There are so many ‘wow’ photographs.. creative and beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld. Photo by Marco DeGennaro, New York, NY

Whew.. Much ground to cover in keeping up with Jamie Huenefeld! SoWeFlo Life is honored and appreciative that Jamie fit us into her very busy schedule!

Please do follow Jamie Huenefeld. We love seeing her photography in all it’s spots on Instagram… Like. Follow. Love!
@killahwave, for beautiful and creative Naples FL & NYC photography.
@livemusiclovers, for live music performance photography.
@ig_nycity, a hub for beautiful NYC photography.
@ig_unitedstates_, for amazing photography from all over the United States.
Or, stop by the Killahwave website.. and follow @killahwave on Twitter!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huenefeld ~ Ft. Myers Beach, FL

We ask that you keep all of the SWFL photography community on your radar. Please do support these passionate artists. Like. Follow. Love! our SWFL photography community across their social media and at public showings of their work. They bring us SO much beauty, often in very unique ways which show us a new and more vibrant perspective.

We look forward to featuring a new photographer each week. And we encourage any photographer interested in a Soweflo Life Cover Photo Takeover, to reach out… We’d Love to hear from you!

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