SOWEFLO LIFE COVER PHOTO TAKEOVER! ~ Courtesy Of Patrick Michael Photo

SoWeFlo Life Cover Photo Takeover ~ Courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo, Naples Pier FL

Each week SoWeFlo Life features one amazing SWFL photographer, who shares our passion for life in Paradise. We ask that photographer to ‘take over’ the cover photo of our Facebook page, and make it their own. We are honored to feature some of SWFL’s most talented and creative photographers… both professional and amateur. Each one able to capture SWFL scenes with a sense of love and passion, as well as an artist’s eye for beauty, energy and vibe.

This week Patrick Michael of Patrick Michael Photo has taken over the SoWeflo Life cover photo!

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples Beach, FL

SoWeFlo Life is honored to feature the photography of Patrick Michael. Please do follow Patrick Michael Photo on Instagram. Patrick is not only a talented and artistic photographer, he is a force of positive energy in the SWFL photography community. Patrick always has time to connect, collaborate and mentor photographers on Instagram and at SWFL photography meet-ups. It is a pleasure for us to shout-out and feature Patrick’s photography and passion.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples Beach, FL

We love and appreciate the artistic vision of Patrick Michael Photo. Patrick often photographs beautiful and interesting SWFL scenes and transforms them into something new. Lots of ‘wow’s on Patrick’s Instagram page that pop with color and artistry.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples, FL
Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples, FL

Lights streaking — forward moving energy — vibrant color — the eye races forward… This is what Patrick Michael captured as firetrucks and emergency vehicles were en route, responding to the recent brush fire in Collier County FL. An amazing, thoughtful photo that told the story of the moment and event, perfectly.

Photo courtesy of @igersnaplesfl on Instagram ~ Naples beach, FL

Patrick Michael is also the founder/moderator at @igersnaplesfl on Instagram, a hub (photography collective) for SWFL photographers. Please do jump on a follow! There is a wide variety of photos that provide a wonderful view of life in Naples, FL.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Alligator Alley, Naples FL

SoWeFlo Life would like to thank Patrick Michael for taking over our cover photo on Facebook. We are honored and delighted to feature Patrick and thankful for his presence and positive energy on Instagram and the SWFL photography community.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples, FL

Please do, Like. Follow. Love! Patrick Michael Photo on Instagram and Facebook. And be sure to stop by Patrick’s website.. it’s amazing! Such a great variety of really cool photography from SWFL, and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples, FL

We ask that you keep all of the SWFL photography community on your radar. Please do support these passionate artists. Like & Follow our SWFL photography community across their social media and at public showings of their work. They bring us SO much beauty, often in very unique ways which show us a new and more vibrant perspective.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples Pier, FL
Photo courtesy of Patrick Michael Photo ~ Naples beach, FL

We look forward to featuring a new photographer each week. And we encourage any photographer interested in a Soweflo Life Cover Photo Takeover, to reach out… We’d Love to hear from you!

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See you on the beach!