10 LinkedIn Groups for Startup & Small Business Executives

As a startup or small business owner, you wish you had your own Yoda. Someone you could bounce tough questions off for authentic answers. Answers from executives who been-there, done that and can help increase your odds of success.

For those of us that do not have a personal mentor, how do we go about finding the answers? Answers preferably from executives that have experienced the same challenges?

There are many places to obtain answers and some places more legitimate than others. One of my favorite sources of knowledge are the groups located in LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 450 million members and over 2 million groups. There are hundreds of groups specializing in helping startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I have used the groups to get an answer and also to help others by answering questions.

The list is subjective. Based on what I believe are some of the best groups to help you grow your startup or small business.

Here are 10 LinkedIn groups that every startup or small business owner should join:

On Startups — The Community for Entrepreneurs: The largest entrepreneurial startup group on LinkedIn with almost 600,000 members. The focus is on startup marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and any other startup or small business related topic.

A Startup Specialists Group: One the largest communities for startups, mentors, founders, and investors. Discussions focus on everything relating to startups. Topics on founders, mentors, investors, incubators, crowd sourcing, accelerators, and venture capital.

Social Media Marketing: This is the largest LinkedIn group dedicated to social media marketing, making it a great resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses struggling with their online presence.

Entrepreneur’s Network: A network for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. The group has a global feel to it and over 20,000 entrepreneurs. It is a place to find answers, ask questions and connect with other aspiring global entrepreneurs.

Private Equity, M&A, and Venture Capital Investments: The leading community of private equity, M&A [mergers and acquisitions] and venture capital professionals. More than 240,000 members, to learn more about financing, loans, equity and other types of funding.

Linked Small Business Innovators: Set up as a resource group for members to share news, trends, expertise, and resources for the benefit of education and connection. Members use this group to build relationships with other strategic connections and expand their knowledge and information base with other small business innovators.

The Revenue Tribe: The newest of the groups and launched in August 2016 The group’s members are professional men and women executives who share a common goal, driving revenue for their business. It is a community of executives from startups, small business, and Fortune 500 companies all learning and sharing their experiences.

Global Entrepreneur Network: A global group 17,000 members is set up for sharing, discovering and networking with entrepreneurs. It attracts experienced professionals who discuss trends and topics making your business more profitable and successful.

Small Business Network: Set up for the entrepreneur, founder, and small business owner. Entrepreneurs who start up, grow, manage an SMB & SME. The group covers loans, financing, deal structure, franchising, insurance, legal, accounting, tax, and software. Share ideas, advice on web design, online marketing plans, strategy, opportunities, development, and social media.

Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs: Group of dedicated women entrepreneurs who are serious about supporting, sharing and promoting their business with like-minded individuals. The group has 17,000 members looking to building their network and sharing resources.

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Do you know of other LinkedIn Groups that provide valuable information for startups or small businesses? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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