The Shaughnessy Mansion

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The most important house in Montreal.

By far the most important house in Montreal, now part of the CCA, Phyllis Lambert’s legacy to our city, the Shaughnessy Mansion is what i feature today. And if you don’t already know it, you should, because it is exceptional. Open to the public, you can visit the house, and sit in it in silence, to read, or just contemplate.

The Shaughnessy village

I had the great joy of re-visiting the Shaughnessy village with a dear friend. It is one of Montreal’s very first high end residential area, a part of the Golden Square Mile. Back in the the days, majestic grey stone houses was all that there was here.

Heritage & Architecture

Now, thanks to Phyllis Lambert and the CCA, there are a few streets that present a nearly intact architectural heritage in the Shaughnessey Village. Tupper and Baile streets are my favourites. The Shaughnessy Mantion, 1874, by architect, William Thomas, Boul. René Lévesque O. between DuFort and Saint-Marc, is a treasure in itself.

Words and photos : Eric Soucy

All rights reserved ‘dArchitecture#MTL’/2018

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