NAVAJOS ON MARS: Native Sci-fi Film Futures
William Lempert

Native Sci-fi Films and Trailers

by William Lempert

Supplement to the article:
Native Sci-fi Film Futures

by William Lempert

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STREAMING FILMS (In order of duration)

The Visit - Lisa Jackson (Anishinaabe) 4 mins.

File under Miscellaneous - Jeff Barnaby (Mi’kmaq) 6 mins.

Hoverboard - Sydney Freeland (Navajo) 6 mins.

The Path without End - Elizabeth La Pensée (Anishinnabe/Metis) 6 mins.

Delivery From Earth - Michael Becker (non-Native/Native cast) 7 mins.

Wakening - Danis Goulet (Cree/Métis) 9 mins.

The Rocket Boy - Donavan Seschillie (Navajo) 11 mins.

Gonawindua - G. Cavalli and J.M. Suárez (Kogi) 14 mins.

The 6th World - Nanobah Becker (Navajo) 15 mins.

Indigenous Futurism Project Student Film 16 mins.

Future Warrior - Jeana Francis and Nigel LongSoldier (Pawnee) 28 mins.

Anamata Future News - (Maori TV Crew) 4 mins each, 35 mins total.


Cleverman - Wayne Blair (Batjala Mununjali Wakkawakka) ABC TV Series

The Northlander - Benjamin Ross Hayden (Métis) 98 mins.

Dreamland - Ivan Sen (Koori) 88 mins.

The People - Willi White (Lakota) TBA

The Migration - Sydney Freeland (Navajo) 10 mins.

Indigo - Amanda Strong (Métis/Cree) TBA

Kindred - Josh Bryer (non-Native/Native cast) 9 mins.

Legends from the Sky - Hamilton Holt (non-Native/Native cast) 85 mins.

William Lempert is an anthropology PhD student and filmmaker from the University of Colorado. He is currently collaborating with Aboriginal media organizations in Northwestern Australia on film projects.
You can view his other work here.