Movies Worth Watching: Billions In Change


Manoj Bhargava is a billionaire. You’re probably familiar with the product that made him his fortune, 5 Hour Energy, the 2 ounce energy supplement that is merchandised near thousands of cash registers across the country. The idea behind 5-hour was simple, provide an effective energy supplement that works in small doses and provides some nutritional value. It worked. The supplement has become a hugely successful player in the energy drink market, and in turn made Manoj more money than he knew what to do with.

Billions In Change is a movie about how Manoj chose to spend that money. The 45ish minute flick fills us in on several of the inventions that Manoj and his team have been working on, all of which were created with the intention of bettering the human condition. One of Manoj’s inventions is a water desalination machine, which claims to be able to convert salt/polluted water into water that is drinkable and fit for use in agriculture at a rate of 1,000 gallons per hour. Another of Manoj’s inventions is an elliptical bike that he claims can produce 24 hours worth of electricity after 1 hour of use. There are 2 other similarly impressive inventions mentioned in the movie, but I won’t spoil them here.

Whether or not Manoj’s inventions work as advertised remains to be seen. However, I strongly recommend seeing Billions In Change not only for the small glimpses into the mind of a fearless CEO of multiple companies, but to bear witness to the potentially life altering technology that becomes possible when you combine talented people, ample resources, and a worthy cause.

You can watch Billions In Change below along with a Ted Talk Manoj gave about how to pick the right ideas and toss aside the bad ones.