What is the Experience Institute?

If you’ve made your way to the second floor of SPACE you will find a beautiful office with some really unique people, The Experience Institute.


Last week, I sat down with Victor Saad, founder of the Experience Institute where we had a chance to talk about who they are and where they’re going. Victor began this journey to found the Institute when he found himself curious about the current education system. Victor began a project called “Leap Year”, in this leap year Victor took upon himself to travel across the world and learn as much as he could through experience and internships. Once his year was complete he had inspired others to begin a year of their own. This experience eventually lead him to write a book, “The Leap Year Project: Learning to Risk & Risking to Learn.” After the book Victor also had the ability to do his very own TED talk.


Fast-forward to today and the Experience Institute is a full up and running business. Much of the work that Victor learned through his lead year is applied to the services that they provide. “Leap Year” is
a full running program that challenges students or those looking to change their career through a program that focuses on self-awareness, storytelling, business operations, community building and design thinking. Students are guided through apprenticeships, meet-ups and various forms of coaching. In the end students are given the tools to build creative confidence and a compelling portfolio. They have partnered with various companies that believe in their mission and help place students throughout the world.

If you get a chance to talk with Victor you’ll quickly understand that his passion translates way past his programs. Victor has a higher vision for education, he truly believes that you can create you education and really learn more through doing and experiencing it. Victor is motivated by seeing real change, taking risks and making his ideas a reality.

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