Joe “Quasimodo” Sujimoto

Birthday: March 5th, 2357 (Age 43 as of 2400) 
Home planet: Venus
Height: 4ft 11in.
Racial makeup: Japanese/European-Caucasian

Physique and traits: Greater upper-body and core strength than his lower body; rotund but muscular, refers to himself as ‘big-boned;’ jet black hair with encroaching grays.
Favorite food: Tri-tip steak with garlic and chive mashed potatoes and beef gravy; muscle milk.

Nicknamed for his odd stature and his general distaste for people, Joe Sujimoto was born and raised on Venus. He often quips that he’s only ever been off-world once, and it was for about 20 minutes while a flight had to go into low-atmo to avoid a storm front.

Joe became a part of the skiffing culture not long after the dust from the War settled down. Formerly a ground-to-air combat pilot for the UPC, once the Solid State Initiative took effect he gave up on the soldier’s life and instead opted to put his skill at flying to better use. Joe’s custom skiff, which he affectionately calls “Honeybun,” has done countless odd jobs across Venus and has a reputation all its own.

Joe has a hard time trusting people, but once people break down his walls he’s actually a genuinely warm and caring person. He would take a bullet for those he loves, but the number of the people in that category he can count on one hand.

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