Space Misfits: The World’s First Blockchain-Powered Open-World RPG Launches Next Saturday

The final version of Space Misfits will be a full open-world MMO in its truest form. However, to give you a taste of the good life, the blockchain life, we are launching the alpha version of our game as a single-player RPG. Which means, it will be available for you to play on Saturday, the 25th of May!

Space Misfits
May 14, 2019 · 6 min read
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The Prehistoric Days of a Space MMO

Wow! What a ride it has been!

To be honest, when we started developing Space Misfits in January it wasn’t even a Space MMO.

We were following a model similar to League of Legends — building a cookie cutter copy. Our studio had just formed and we really didn’t have a clear vision of what the end product was going to be.

For a few months, we started developing Space Misfits and we were really just excited to build something that we truly owned. Coming from a Freelance background I had personally spent 15 years building other people’s dreams.

For the first time, I had a chance to build my own dream, one I would grow to share with a talented team of game developers, and a powerful community of blockchain aficionados.

After about 4 months, our game started coming together, our in-flight interface and mechanics were smooth and our gameplay was completely unique — something I was ecstatic about.

Being inspired by the ’80s and the cyberpunk era I really wanted to design something that would stand out like a n̶e̶e̶d̶l̶e fire in a haystack.

We decided to go with a cyberpunk retro theme which would set us apart from the other dark and murky space games out there.

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Early development screenshots

Welcome to the Enjin Movement

It was around April when we discovered Enjin, needless to say, we were completely blown away.

It felt like we had finally found the missing piece to our game’s puzzle — a way to completely set us apart from the rest of the games market!

After learning more and more about Enjin and the tools they had created, we decided to hop into their community — we were shocked by what we found.

Initially, we showed off some of our gameplay videos and images and people were overjoyed by what we were doing — they started to just pile into our Telegram chat group.

I was in awe.

Being in marketing for over 15 years I couldn’t believe the instantly overwhelming positive reactions we were getting and how willing everyone was to support us!

We quickly learned how loyal the Enjin community was and we decided to pledge our loyalty in return. It was clear at that point that Enjin was not only a community — it was a movement.

We immediately went into full beast-mode and completely changed our game. It went from a League of Legends copycat to a first-of-its-kind Blockchain Space MMO.

Our decision to integrate Enjin’s technology opened up so many different angles and gameplay possibilities, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have found this before the rest of the games market.

We discovered that Enjin enabled us to integrate peer-to-peer markets that would function beyond our game’s walled garden and effectively sprawl across the internet.

This would give our players true ownership of their in-game items because they could own them forever, trade them freely, and even sell them for a profit.

The Space Misfits economy will never again be closed off from the world, locked inside a centralized database. Players can trade amongst each other and even bring our game items into other games!

This innovation has completely blown our minds, shattered our previous perception of reality, and allowed us to create a much more potent vision for Space Misfits.

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Showing ENJIN Integration inside our ENJIN room

The Enjin Spark Program

Enjin has been building the blockchain ecosystem for two years now, so they already have a number of great games adopting their platform — we had a bigger mountain to climb.

Their program which is now called the Enjin Spark Program helps new studios and game developers realize their blockchain dreams but their requirements to get into Spark and receive access to create and integrate Mainnet assets was dependent on showing them true blockchain integration.

Thanks to Enjin’s robust suite of development tools, we successfully completed that blockchain integration within 14 hours.

Players could connect their wallet, use their blockchain assets in our game, and receive new blockchain assets from our game — we were shocked at how seamless the integration was and how quickly we were able to do it!

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Outpost and blockchain resource discovery on a icy planet

Once Enjin saw our demo they were very impressed with our gameplay and tenacity as game developers — they approved us for the Spark program and gave us access to the Mainnet development platform within hours.

We spent the next week converting Space Misfits into a single-player RPG so we could give it to our newfound community as soon as possible.

We also wanted to do something that no other game had done before — launch a fully playable open-world game with blockchain-economy integration!

We will achieve this massive milestone on Saturday, the 25th of May.

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Collecting blockchain assets in space

Space Misfits RUSH

The single-player alpha version of our game will be called Space Misfits RUSH.

It allows players to play our game and collect blockchain assets in a fun and exciting way.

Players who hold our Founders Blockchain token or people who spend at least $30 in our online store will receive full access to RUSH.

Inside this one-of-a-kind game, we have placed thousands of blockchain assets that you will be able to hunt down and claim.

Some of these assets are backed by hundreds of dollars worth of Enjin Coin (ENJ) that you can claim — if you are happy to melt down and destroy your assets.

But be warned — Melt is Murder — when you kill an asset to rip the ENJ out of its heart, it is gone forever and the assets of its kind that remain only become more valuable.

As Space Misfits grows in popularity you will usually be able to sell the assets on the open market for far more than their ENJ-backed value — it’s up to you to decide where you think this is going.

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On 25th of May, we are making history and releasing Space Misfits RUSH!

This is a huge accomplishment for our team after working months and months, clocking up 8 hour days 7 days a week.

We are unbelievably excited about the upcoming release and even more excited about Enjin and the Spark program.

To learn more about Space Misfit please visit our website.

Thank you for welcoming us to the movement!

Space Misfits

A 3D Space MMO

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