Making Backup Obsolete

Space Monkey has many ambitious goals. Among them: make backup obsolete.

What people are forced to do in order to keep their data safe today is insane. Think about it: you need to hit the ‘save’ button, but that button is a lie. It does not keep your data safe. In order to protect against the hard drive failing, accidental overwrites, theft, fire, flood, etc., you also need to back it up. And simply making a copy on another disk at your house only protects you against some of those failures, so you need to subscribe to a cloud backup service, too. This is an unnacceptable number of hoops for most people to jump through. Shame on the computer industry for forcing that experience on all of us for so long.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if, instead, hitting ‘save’ really did keep your data safe? Welcome to Space Monkey.

On Thursday, covered Space Monkey, explaining the problem we’re solving in a concise way, and with a nice infographic that is repeated here for your edification.

Originally published on September 22nd, 2013 by @alenp