The First Digital Opt-in Ad Experience is live!

Note: This particular campaign is no longer live as of 7/24/17. Please visit for a working demo.

We are very proud to announce that the first ever digital opt-in advertising experience is now live! Huge thanks to our partners at STX Entertainment for supporting this proof-of-concept.

To try it out for yourself, go to (no longer functional as of 7/24/17) to follow the Valerian channel. That’s it! You will start to see content from the film instead of advertisements as you browse the web on that same device. Here are a few screenshots that I captured “in the wild” within minutes of following the channel:

Spaceback on
Spaceback on
Spaceback on

How does it work?

Spaceback uses advertising technology as a vessel to distribute Valerian content to users who follow the channel.

This is good for every participant of the value exchange!

Involving the user to “opt-in” or “follow” can significantly improve the broken value exchange.

The publisher is paid more money for their ad space while delivering a better ad experience to users.

The marketer has a new and engaging way to communicate and deliver value to their audiences.

The individual user has a better ad/content experience.

Are you a content creator that would like to test your own opt-in experience? Get in touch with me directly at