A Decentralized Autonomous Space Cooperative

Yalda Mousavinia
Jul 14, 2017 · 3 min read
Giulio Prisco: writer, technology expert, and futurist.

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that after long and engaging discussions, Space Cooperative and Giulio Prisco’s proposed Decentralized Autonomous Space Agency (“Space DAO” or “Space Decentral”) are merging. Together we will leverage recent developments in cryptography to bootstrap a global, distributed, decentralized, P2P space agency of the people. With both crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in Space Cooperative’s model, it became clear that the best way to scale up our vision would be to utilize blockchain technology. With this approach, an initial protocol will be proposed that outlines community benefits and rewards, in addition to a transition plan that removes our corporation from the leadership of the space missions (it wouldn’t be a DAO without this measure), except where legally necessary. Henceforth Giulio Prisco is officially a co-founder of Space Cooperative.

Meet: Giulio Prisco, Science ‘Faction’ Aficionado

We feel very honored to have the ability to learn from Giulio’s 35 years of professional experience that crosses over a variety of subject matters. Giulio Prisco is a writer, technology expert, and futurist. After earning a degree in physics with a final thesis in computational laser physics, he worked as a scientist at European research centers including CERN, then as a space system analyst at the European Space Agency (ESA), then as a senior manager in the public space sector. In 2005 he left the public sector and founded a virtual reality development and consulting company, which he ran until 2011. More recently he has have been covering developments and trends in crypto, blockchain technology and the digital economy for the specialized press. For Space Cooperative, besides teaching us all that he knows, Giulio will be contributing to the strategic direction in addition to various other activities.

Enter: A Decentralized Autonomous Space Cooperative

Space Cooperative’s focus has been the development of a space mission collaboration platform accessible through the WWW, with an initial feature set that facilitates knowledge sharing and strategic planning. Global citizens (including ourselves) will have the ability to cooperatively pursue sustainable and peaceful human development on Earth and the planets beyond. Space Cooperative is about collective intelligence and coming together across a unified goal, a strategy — across the entire platform of projects and missions. Space Cooperative’s ethos has always been decentralized, with a vision driven by collective decision-making, where the priority is in an individual’s value rather than affiliation or location. Since Space Cooperative was already incorporated as a worker-owned, cooperative corporation with a social purpose and a social network under development, it was quite logical to join forces with Giulio’s Space DAO.

We have been collaborating with Giulio since the first week of May and are working on a white paper that we hope to publish soon. The success of this Space DAO will derive from delivering something that is authentic, world-changing, and both economically and socially sustainable. And most importantly something that the people want! We are prioritizing the development of solid decentralized governance to ensure that the community remains open as possible to cooperation and inclusivity.

What’s Next

You can learn more about our plans at the Terasem Workshop in Second Life (July 20), the Starship Congress in Monterey, California(August 7–9), or the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia (September 25–29).

We will be launching Space Cooperative in the near future. If you are interested in being a partner, advisor, future freelancer, or potentially an actual worker-owner of our cooperative, please reach out to us. The doors are open, just fill out our short application :) We look forward to hearing from you.

Background Information

For more background on the Space DAO and Space Cooperative, please see the following:

Space Decentral

Yalda Mousavinia

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Project lead @autarklabs. Co-founder @SpaceDecentral @spacecoopinc. Passionate about DAOs with humans at the forefront & opening up space for collaboration.

Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a decentralized autonomous space agency that leverages blockchain technology to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with global citizens in control.

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