Bootstrapping our working groups

Let’s ignite!

Today, we are we are inviting community participants to join our initial working groups and begin collecting effort “points” that will be redeemable for project activation voting shares in the future.

We highly recommend joining our new chat channels we have set up on Riot. If you have been with us on Telegram, thank you! We will still keep Telegram as our initial welcoming lobby, but we recommend moving collaborative discussions onto either Riot or the forums.

The initial goal of the Building Blocks working group will be focused on enhancing to add more collaboration features and improve the UX, to integrate it with Aragon and other decentralized apps (dapps), in addition to developing models-based systems engineering tools.

Join Building Blocks on our network, chat on Riot, or pick up tasks on Github.

Our Space will be centered around governance of our network, governance of our future civilizations and financial sustainability.

Join Our Space on our network, chat on Riot, or pick up tasks on Github.

The goal of the Future Forward working group is to develop a living, iteratively updated strategic plan for how all of our missions interconnect with one another.

Join Future Forward on our network, chat on Riot, or pick up tasks on Github.

The initial goal of the Spaceship Earth working group is to establish strategies around our first Earth settlement in addition to identifying how space technologies can help solve global challenges.

Join Spaceship Earth on our network, chat on Riot, or pick up tasks on Github.

The initial goal of the Hollyworlds working group will be to create a crowdsourced Medium publication, organize a global network of meetups, in addition to planning our first virtual conference.

Join Hollyworlds on our network, chat on Riot, or pick up tasks on Github.

Initial Governance

We believe the core of creating a community-driven and decentralized space agency is governance. The initial governance we will be focusing on testing in this pilot experiment are:

  • The requirements for determining who is an eligible voter
  • The process of voting on top projects to become activated for community crowdsourcing

To the extent possible, Space Decentral will insist upon using Github and other easy-to-track technologies to manage tasks and moderate submissions in respect of our collective efforts to create a meaningful, robust governance protocol. We would appreciate it if everyone involved would follow the norms that we create to manage tasks and moderate submission. Doing so will help enhance the power of our governance protocol and free up cycles for everyone involved in Space Decentral.

Current Members With Voting Power

We have granted voting power to community members that have displayed meaningful contribution in our forum, community meeting, or open source projects. In our governance pilot, each member listed below will have one voting share each.


Craig Beasley, Derek Barrett, David Luther, Trace Wax, Jason Aspiotis, Andrew Gonzales, Athena Heartwood, Alexander Salter, Erik Kulu, Jorge Vallet, Otto, Sourav Karmakar

Core Team

Jonas Allesson, Suzi Bianco, Marc Cohen, Patrick Donovan, Brayden DeVito, Sean Marquez, Yalda Mousavinia, Giulio Prisco, Srinath Ravichandran, Kevin Siegler, Radek Zasiadczuk

Earn a Vote

For new community members to earn a voting share, we are requiring the following:

  • Collect at least 40 points before the Project Activation Vote begins, and
  • Participate in meetings so there is consensus about being a unique individual

Learn More

Space Mission Activation Process

Propose new project ideas to become activated for community crowdsourcing

About Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will utilize the blockchain to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with the public in control. Space Decentral will design space missions collaboratively, share research for peer review, crowdsource citizen science efforts, and crowdfund projects that lack national budgets.

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