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Kevin Siegler
Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

When I was first approached about the original idea behind Space Decentral in 2016 (crowdsourcing and crowdfunding a space program), I thought it was crazy and I had no idea how any of it could possibly come together. However, I knew a few of the people who were part of these early discussions and I had great respect for them and their work ethic. Basically I had little knowledge of the path forward, but as I started meeting with the group and sharing ideas, my confidence in our ability to put something together grew pretty rapidly. It really stood out to me that the core people who got things done, at the same time had warm, approachable affects and approached this project with a sense of reality that anchored some of the crazier discussions we had.

After we came to the understanding that creating a community-driven organization where we aren’t leaders of the network, but equals was going to be important for this vision’s ultimate success, we discovered the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations. This made us realize that the technology needed to build something genuinely community-run that could also scale to meet the operational demands of a space program was within reach. Most people are well aware of the financial side of blockchain, but it also possesses an ethos of increasing the agency of individuals. That core ethos of empowering individuals from all backgrounds is what excites me most about this project.

My current role is working to develop the tools and logic that Space Decentral will operate on. I’m part of the Planning Tab team that just won a grant from Aragon. I’d ultimately love to contribute to missions as well, since my background is in robotic manipulation and real-time control, but I’m currently very fascinated with the possibilities of blockchain technology, and I’m especially excited to help lay the groundwork for Space Decentral and build productivity tools that will enable distributed development of any project.

Space Decentral is objectively important because it will be the first attempt at creating a decentralized aerospace manufacturing company. However, while I recognize its significance in this regard, Space Decentral is much more to me than that. It is an opportunity for the world to share in the adventure and promotion of space exploration. It’s an opportunity to allow people to contribute their skills and talent to something bigger and earn a share of the organization’s success in doing so.

Space Decentral excites me because I envision it promoting the study and pursuit of STEM around the world. Here’s how: aerospace projects will be open to anyone across the globe. Individuals who contribute will be compensated not only with increased status within the organization, but also will be set up to earn rewards in cryptocurrency in return for their work.

By opening up aerospace to the entire planet, this can dramatically increase technical skills around the globe. Additionally, there are huge untapped populations that haven’t even explored the possibility of working in aerospace, and Space Decentral can open up a whole new realm of opportunity and potential career interests for them.

I am also very excited about Space Decentral becoming a DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization. Creating a DAO is an especially unique entrepreneurial endeavor because as a DAO like Space Decentral grows in membership and activity, its intellectual contributors lose influence over the organization itself and their votes won’t carry as much weight. This presents a lot of challenges when considering how the DAO will operate over the long term that are interesting to discuss and resolve. The inverse correlation between success and control also means that we have to approach this with a sense of humility and genuine excitement that anyone can get involved and transparently gain influence through hard work and enthusiasm for aerospace and exploration.

Join us at Space Decentral and help build the future of space exploration.

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